Hoekstra gets to work as Priest of International concerns

“When I got into politics a few years ago, I did so to do my part for this country,” I said. By tending to substantial difficulties from a typical perspective way, I tried to make the Netherlands more grounded and more prosperous. I started my new job as Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday.

I’m anticipating this new job enormously, for the very reason I got into governmental issues in any case. Around here at this service we significantly impact the Netherlands through our endeavors in the remainder of the world, working with others.’

“The challenges of the 21st century transcend borders, whether the issue is climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, the troubling situation in Ukraine right on the edge of Europe, or the ever-growing influence of China, including on our own country,” The same is true of their solutions as well. I want to defend the interests of the Netherlands as Minister of Foreign Affairs by clearly articulating our positions in powerful collectives like the EU, NATO, and UN.

“Twenty years ago, I arrived at the Ostbahnhof in Berlin with a large suitcase, a city where I lived and worked with great pleasure.” I had previously studied in Rome and Paris for a few years. That these cities still feel like home shouldn’t come as a surprise. I only began to fully comprehend the extensive history of our continent during that time.

In the coming weeks and months, I will travel extensively throughout Europe because I am convinced that this is where our future lies. At a meeting of foreign ministers this week, I will meet my counterparts from other EU member states. I am a strong supporter of the European Union and increased cooperation between Europe. At the same time, I am absolutely certain that we must and can improve things.’

“Europe is on the verge of a pivotal time.” If you look back, you can see how European values spread to every country on the continent over the centuries and how tyranny and dictatorship gave way to democracy and a sense of community slowly but surely. We believe in the strength of our society and individual liberty, whether we live in Italy or the Netherlands. We all wish that violence and war do not affect our children. We want them to be able to live the lives they want, and we don’t want anything to happen that could take away their rights or undermine our democracy’s achievements. Europe’s particular contribution to the prosperity, freedom, and stability that we all value can be seen in the past.

“And under the condition that we do not simply allow the events to overwhelm us, this is where our future lies.” Europe is now a major power, but we still have a long way to go in geopolitics, especially in a world where power dynamics are shifting and new players are taking over the leading roles.

As a bringing together force and an agent of change, the Netherlands play a crucial role during this crucial time for Europe. I want the Netherlands to lead the effort to strengthen, greener, and more decisive the EU. by working together to protect our borders. by uniting in response to divide-and-rule strategies. by investing in innovation and boosting our economy. by upholding our values not only within Europe but also outside of it as well. We must respond to the challenges of the 21st century in this manner.

“We are stronger collectively, both within Europa and beyond.” These were my thoughts as I took the oath of office as Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday. I’m excited about it!’

Jonas Muthoni is the Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency; he has contributed to several online publications, including Forbes. He loves to write on topics ranging from leadership and business to technology. Writing has always been his passion, and He has been writing for online publications over the last several years.

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