How To Know If A Guy Likes You Over the Phone call?

He likes me; he likes me not – a loop that makes you curious whilst plucking every flower petal. This can also be daunting since you are into him and unsure if he is into you. Fret not; although the situation is tricky, but not impossible. We have brought up some facts backed by data that will help you determine if a guy likes you over a phone call.

Time to find out what the last petal gets!

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How To Know If A Guy Likes You Over The Phone Call?

You met them over a dating app and now have each other’s numbers. Things are getting interesting. You are into him. Let’s find out the ways that you must keep in mind to find out if he likes you too.

I. Initiating Phone Calls

A person interested in you always takes the initiative to make calls. They will find ways to speak to you. If they are caught up with work, they will ensure they get back to you and spend time over the phone. If he finds reasons to reach out and continue the conversation, it’s a positive sign that he wants to maintain a connection with you.

Also, if he initiates calls regularly, it may indicate that he enjoys your company.

II. Attentive And Listens

He listens to you carefully and remembers what you said. For example: “Oh yeah, you said you were a cat person yesterday, and I like cats too, by the way!” such words can give you an idea that he is engaged in the conversation.

III. Laughs At Your Humor

If you find him laughing over your jokes or if he makes you laugh, and keeps the conversation enjoyable and light, then this is also a cue that he is interested in you.

IV. Asks Questions

Not just any questions, but specific questions related to you; a few examples can be, “So, what was the name of your first dog?” or, “When was the last time you dated?” Questions revolving around romance and learning about you are a giveaway.

V. Flirty Talks

This is the biggest hint when they get flirtatious and make you blush; they like you. Pay attention to playful teasing, compliments, using pickup lines, or subtle flirting during the conversation. He will also find ways to impress you.

VI. Talking For Hours Together

Long conversations are usually a sign that he enjoys talking to you and values the time you spend together.

VII. Deep Conversations

If he opens up about his personal life, feelings, or experiences during the call, it demonstrates trust and a willingness to connect with you on a deeper level.

VIII. He Asks For A Video Call

The most likely reason a guy may ask for FaceTime or WhatsApp video calls is that he wants to see your face and hear your voice.

Final Thoughts

If it is a mix of all that we have discussed, ding! Ding! Ding! Your stars are lucky – He likes you!
Before you go ahead, ask yourself if you like him back. If you both are in the same boat, then that is a fantastic thing.

Good luck!


1. What is the meaning of ghosting?

Ghosting in modern dating is the act of abruptly cutting off all communication with someone to end a personal relationship. People ghost others when they are uncomfortable telling them they wish to discontinue talking. It is always best to avoid ghosting as it can hurt someone.

2. What is the meaning of breadcrumbing?

Sending out flirty but non-committal social cues—also known as “breadcrumbs”—to quickly entice a love partner is known as breadcrumbing. It is essentially leading someone on.

3. What is the meaning of zombie-ing?

When a person who has ghosted you comes back into your life and pretends like nothing happened is called zombie-ing. In situations like this, they may also ghost you again and repeat the cycle. It is best to stay away from such situations.

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