How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Deleting Texts On iPhone?

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If you want to know if your girlfriend is deleting texts from her side, we have brought a sure-shot way of figuring out how you can identify deleted texts on your iPhone.

Let us get down to business.


How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Deleting Texts On iPhone?

She must have deleted the texts from her device for many reasons. To find out if she has, here is a guide we have curated for you:

I. If you notice any missing conversation threads

If you see that entire conversation threads are missing from her text messages, it may indicate that she deleted them. You will notice that the messages are not making sense. For example, she might have asked you a question, and you answered it, and now you cannot find the question she asked you.

II. Huge Gaps In Time between different messages

If there are huge time gaps between messages in a conversation, this may suggest that some messages have been deleted. However, this could mean no messages were sent during that time, so it’s not a definitive sign. However, if the chat seems absurd, then there are chances that the messages have been deleted.

III. Hanging or Incomplete Conversations

If you see messages that appear to be responses to something you can’t see, or if conversations start in the middle, earlier messages may have been deleted. As mentioned above, if she asked you a question and you found the answer but not the question, there are chances that the messages have vanished.

IV. Confusing Message Thread

If the old text messages seem confusing and make no head or tail, then there are chances that the messages have been deleted from her side of the chat.

Final Thoughts

Remember that these are just possible indicators and are not definitive proof that messages have been deleted. It’s also important to remember that everyone can delete their messages for any reason.

Before making assumptions, it is best to contact your girlfriend and communicate about it in a healthy way. This can prevent miscommunication and establish trust and understanding with your partner.


1. How to delete messages on iPhone?

Follow the steps below to delete messages:

  • Tap the Messages icon on the Home screen.
  • Swipe left on the discussion you wish to remove to erase it. Multiple conversations can be deleted at once.
  • Then, edit. (ahead of choosing a conversation). Tap and select Messages.
  • Press the trash can symbol.
  • Tap to delete.
2. Can I ‘unsend’ a text message I sent to someone through my iPhone?

Yes, you can unsend the text message that you sent via iPhone. Follow the steps:

  • Tap Undo Send after touching and holding the conversation bubble.
  • Both the recipient’s and your conversation transcripts have a note stating that you unsent the message.
3. How do I find hidden or deleted messages on my iPhone? Does the same work on iPads?

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Messages, and click on Edit on the conversations page.
  • If you have enabled Message Filtering, the Edit button will not appear.
  • Click on Filters on the conversations page.
  • Then, choose ‘Show Recently Deleted.’

Yes, the same works for iPads too.

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