Followed by Doctor Who Rose – Script by Russell T Davies, published online

Followed by Doctor Who Rose - Script by Russell T Davies, published online

If the worldwide simultaneous viewing of Rose was not enough for Doctor Who’s nostalgia, then we have the good news – as former TV series host Russell T Davies has written a new code for the 2005 episode, released on the web.

Starring Jacob Dudman (who you may know from impressive doctoral videos as well as many Big Finish productions), the episode is called Nestene’s Revenge and follows what happened next to Auton’s lead after he was apparently destroyed.

In the meantime, the story also succeeds in throwing in all sorts of profound cuts from Doctor Who, which refers to Doctor’s Day, the classic series and, surprisingly, Who, which Davies published just the same day.

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As it turns out, a tiny piece of the Ninth Doctor’s anti-plastics survived, fleeing to the fate of Auton (more precisely, a very horrible clown), swearing revenge on the doctor (while referring to future adventures) and contemplating how his society was destroyed. Time war before finding a new lasting form.

And this form … well, we’re not spoiling the end – you’d better listen to the whole thing – but suffice it to say that Davies hasn’t lost science, to talk about a bit of a fancy satire. But maybe we should have known it anyway after years and years.

All in all, it’s the perfect go-to for a big fan event that was Rose’s worldwide rewatch, and just one of a long line of Doctor Who editions that has inspired the past and present and shed some light on the past few weeks. We can’t wait for them to come out next.

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