Feds want 6.5 years behind bars for Kingpin Scam PAC

Federal prosecutors want six and a half years in prison for a Republican political agent whose consulting firm has siphoned millions of dollars from donors who have been duped into believing they are supporting Republican candidates and conservative causes.

The Department of Justice asked a federal judge in Virginia this week to sentence Kelley Rogers to 78 months behind bars for what they describe as a cheeky and completely corrupt effort to fill his pockets and those of his associates with false calls. fundraising. Rogers pleaded guilty to one count of criminal fraud. A business associate, Scott Mackenzie, also pleaded guilty to one crime count for submitting false statements in a related case. He faces up to five years in prison and is expected to be sentenced next month.

Both cases focus on a digital consulting and direct mail company called Strategic Campaign Group and a number of PACs who paid the company for large fundraising campaigns – and, in many cases, fraudulent. Between Mackenzie and Rogers, the episode was already among the most significant fraudulent political fundraising lawsuits to date.