FBI arrests suspected neo-Nazis, including former reservists of the Canadian army

Patrik Mathews, the former reservist of the Canadian army who is allegedly associated with a neo-Nazi group, has been arrested by the FBI.

The men were arrested on Thursday morning as part of the FBI investigation into the group known as the base.

Mathews, who had been a master corporal with an army reserve unit in Manitoba, disappeared in August. The Winnipeg Free Press had reported on its activities at the base and its service with the Canadian Forces. The RCMP seized a number of firearms from a house in Beausejour, about 60 kilometers east of Winnipeg. But the police stated that no arrest warrant had been issued for Mathews and the RCMP treated the case as a missing after Mathews truck was found near the border between Canada and the US.

The New York Times reported the arrests on Thursday. The three men in custody were planning, armed with guns, to Richmond, Va.

In November, the police arrested a man from New Jersey who recruited the base and called for the murder of African Americans.

Mathews released the Canadian Forces on August 31, said Defense Ministry spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier.


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