Emmy Rossum discovered that

Fans were shocked to hear that Shameless ends after 11 seasons at Showtime, but former Shameless star Emmy Rossum found out about the news from Twitter.

“I just found out about SHAMELESS on Twitter,” the actress tweeted. “Eleven seasons are ten more than most shows! Bravo an incredible run for a wonderful cast and crew.”

Rossum left the series after the end of season 9 and starred in each episode through season 10. While in the series, she made headlines in 2017 after fighting for herself and getting the same wages for herself.

As for the last season, all characters from season 10 will return. “Everyone who is there this year will come back next season and then you will never know what surprises can be in a past season,” said Showtime co-president for entertainment, Gary Levine, Deadline.

Is Rossum coming back to say goodbye to the show? “Too early to say,” he said. “She would be welcomed with open arms, but Emmy doesn’t owe us anything. She did great for the show, as did the show for her, and it was a very friendly breakup. So if she surprised us, it would be nice.”

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