EastEnders | Will Vincent return? Richard Blackwood takes the floor

EastEnders | Will Vincent return? Richard Blackwood takes the floor

Fans of Richard Blackwood’s EastEnder character Vincent Hubbard must have been a little dissatisfied with how his three-year-old soap foam ended.

Vincent, who made his live debut on the 30th anniversary of the 2015 episode, left the field in mysterious circumstances in 2018 after he was last seen shooting a gun with a corrupt policeman who appeared to be killing him – something Phil Mitchell obviously was involved with.

She has not been seen or heard since since a message had been sent to Kim Fox announcing that she had left. But since Blackwood is now appearing on Channel 4 soap, does Hollyoaks as Felix Westwood mean that the character and his fans are even less likely to be resolved?

RadioTimes.com has been talking to Blackwood and this is a topic we’ve been thinking about – and it doesn’t sound very promising …

How did you feel about leaving EastEnder and would you go back to it?

“I’d say I’ve been in close contact with EastEnder. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time there and they really looked like me. I would be very loyal if I had offers while there, I would say no because EastEnders was my priority. I had a good time and they decided to stop the character if they did. In fairness, I was also in a place where I wasn’t sure how much more we would get out of Vincent; I always believe that you should leave the situation before people need you. As it started to get to me, I knew it was going down the road where I didn’t know how much more we could get. So I thought maybe it was for the best.

“Now I’m here, my loyalty is to Hollyoa. If anything EastEnders took me to where I’m ready for Hollyoaks, not to discredit it. I was there for three years doing a fast-paced show that had to bring a show every day. EastEnders is tough. It’s five cameras, 14 scenes a day, and it’s knocking. When I came here, it wasn’t five cameras. I appreciated the time you could be involved in the scene, it felt no hurry. It allowed me to experiment more, for which I am grateful. My loyalty is 100% now on Hollyoaks. “

How is your Hollyoaaks character different from Felix Vincent?

“It’s so weird, I was trying really hard to make sure I didn’t take Vincent Felix Westwood. If you’re used to playing a character for so long, it’s hard to shake it. Within two years of leaving, I did a couple of plays that allowed me to shake Vincent and find my identity as Richard – then again as an actor. Felix is ​​much more humorous than Vincent.

“When Vincent bounced off Kim, he was a joker and he ended the joke as a straight man. At Felix, I love that he’s dangerous, but he’s so funny; switching between the two looks good. One minute you can make people laugh and I have that comic timing of getting up, but when it’s time to get serious or emotional, I can show Felix as a rounded character. That’s a big difference for me because Vincent was a pretty closed book. “

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