EastEnders | Mick and Linda reveal plans to sell Queen Vic

EastEnders | Mick and Linda reveal plans to sell Queen Vic

It’s definitely coming to an end in the era of EastEnders – one of the moments soap fans always wait / nervously waiting to find out who’s next – Queen Vic is changing hands again.

Mick and Linda Carter revoked ownership of the famous pub on Christmas 2013 following Janine’s attempt to thwart it after she was arrested for murder and the new owners moved in on Boxing Day.

Since then, it has been as if they have been owned by the Carter family and the pub all their own, and have been the focus of so many stories for six years. Whoever takes over can certainly fill the big shoes.

We get a little closer to the day when we find out who will be on April 6th when Mick and Linda start moving forward with the sales process by letting the realtor look at the property; although recent changes to the soap schedule make it slightly longer than originally planned.

Linda and Mick have been in trouble recently as dramatic scenes have shown Linda’s struggle with alcohol addiction, resulting in her losing control and almost her entire family.

Things came to mind during episodes of the 35th anniversary, where we saw that the couple had a very bitter and public thud that almost turned out to be the end of their marriage.

The sinking of the boat and Mick, who risked his life to save him, turned out to be a turning point for them and has since begun to regain control.

Recent scenes have shown him returning to his old form, winning a war of words with his enemy Shelly.

But as it makes sense, Mick and Linda have since realized that the pub is probably not the best place for a recovering alcoholic to work, and in a show of solidarity, they have agreed to sell and move together to start something new together.

Earlier queen Vic owners included Den and Angie Watts, Kat and Alfie Moon, and of course the wonderful Peggy Mitchell. So many congratulations to all who come up to join this impressive legacy!

But who is it going to be?

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