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Since EastEnders confirmed the death of a significant character in the course of the upcoming 35-year history, there has been a lot of speculation about which Walford locals will be killed – and not just among fans.

“It could be any of us!” Said Max Bowden, aka Ben Mitchell, in conversation with RadioTimes.com The explosive week of on-site episodes, in which the drama takes place on board a river cruise on the Thames, unfolds as a cast with fatal consequences. “The great thing about the 35th is that literally everyone is involved in EastEnders. So many stories come together, our producers Kate Oates and Jon Sen did really well and brought everything together to create a real climax. “

No one reveals the identity of the person who is leaving, but Bowden shares Sens’s suggestion that when the time comes, hearts will break. “It will be a very shocking time, but it will be brilliant television and we have an absolute ball that will do it.”

Despite shooting through the night on the Thames in the middle of the pouring winter weather … “We are literally in the eye of the storm”, reveals Bowden. “But it’s nice to get out of the studio, explore other places, and do other things. It’s great for me as an actor and I personally enjoyed everything that has to do with it. “

Against the backdrop of the sensational storyline that airs in February, Mick and Linda Carter invite their locals on the cruise to celebrate the legendary Boozer Queen Victoria, which was named Local Pub of the Year. As tensions escalate, secrets explode and past sins reappear, an unexpected incident occurs on board that plunges the group into chaos.

At the center of the action will be the powerful Mitchell family, who after the revelation over Christmas is in disarray that Phil’s wife Sharon is pregnant from Louise’s baby daddy Keanu Taylor, whom Ben had Martin Fowler fend off – only he didn’t do it to you don’t have the guts, so Keanu is still alive and on the run.

Bowden teases how the ripples of the festive season are felt sharply as soon as the criminal clan hits the water. “Many paths are being explored again this week. Ben and Sharon will surely cross each other. You can expect an upside down phase of twists and turns. “

EastEnders has been on the move for years after the most exciting Christmas episodes, and enthusiasm for the upcoming milestone can only help Bowden be recognized as the best newcomer at this year’s National Television Awards, which take place on Tuesday, January 28th.

“It’s great,” he beamed, reflecting on the nine months that he took on the role of Phil’s tormented heir. “The NTAs are chosen by the fans. All the more it means that they have invested in the character and I am grateful for their support.

“If I had to choose someone in the cast to win an NTA, I would choose two people: Steve McFadden – his performance as Phil on Christmas Day was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen – and Letitia Dean (Sharon). They were both stunning and deserve all praise. It’s inspiring to watch them at work. You are the King and Queen of Walford! “

You can vote online for free at nationaltvawards.com or by telephone on 0905 647 2020. Voting must take place on Tuesday, January 28, at 12:00 noon.

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