Dua Lipa is preparing for the fallout from the dance song “Break My Heart”

Dua Lipa is preparing for the fallout from the dance song

Dua Lipa may sing the impending emotional wreck in her new song, “Break My Heart”, but her feeling is soothed by a rhythm that targets the dance floor. The song will appear on Future Nostalgia, which will arrive on Friday.

“I would have stayed at home / Because I was always better alone / But when you said:” Hello “, I knew it was the end of everything”, she sings on the chorus. “I should have stayed at home / Because now you can’t let go / Have I fallen in love with the one who could break my heart? / Oh no, I’ve always been better alone.”

“Break My Heart” follows the release of the future Nostalgia singles “Don’t Start Now”, “Physical” and the title song.

Her new album was originally scheduled to be released next month, but the release date has been pushed back. The singer made the announcement in tears during an Instagram Live session earlier this week, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “In all of these types of situations … we all need to actively work together to bring about change,” she said. “But I guess, you know, what I’m going to do is that instead of releasing my album on April 3, my album is actually released this Friday March 27, which I really love. I’m really glad that it comes out, and I’m really glad you all hear it. Do what you want with it.