Dowdall asserts that Hutch terrorizes his family

Councillor Jonathan Dowdall said that his former co-accused Gerard “The Monk” Hutch is “terrorizing” his family. He also said that he has received “a barrage of more threats and more threats” as he pointed to the dock of the Special Criminal Court.

Additionally, Dowdall informed the non-jury court that his 62-year-old mother and children have received death threats since he decided to testify against Mr. Hutch as the State’s witness.

They will not be returned by the schools. The company said it was too dangerous for my daughter to come in and out of work, so she had to leave.”

Additionally, the former electrician advised Mr. Grehan: All that I dreaded happen has occurred, and more terrible. They had a queue of people waiting to enter and lie. the degree of stress people endure.”

Thursday, Dowdall told the trial that he couldn’t say in the interview he gave after his arrest in May 2016 that he knew who was behind the attack on the Regency.

“In all the time” since he was accused of killing Kinahan Cartel member David Byrne, “nobody” had “interfered” with Mr. Hutch’s wife and children, Dowdall told Brendan Grehan SC, who was defending Mr. Hutch, during cross-examination for the fourth day. However, “as soon as I decided to come out and give evidence the level of intimidation has increased.”

Added the former politician: People who she was kind to as a child are calling my mother and informing a 62-year-old woman that she is dead and that my children are dead. Since this is a completely different level, no one comes in to provide evidence.

On Friday, Mr. Grehan asked the witness if he now accepted that Dowdall had told lies in the interviews he gave to the garda on May 18th, 2016. Mr. Grehan was playing excerpts from those interviews.

“I didn’t lie to the garda,” I said. “I’m speaking now because I couldn’t speak in the interviews,” he stated.

Dowdall, a key witness, pleaded guilty to assisting in Mr. Byrne’s murder and stated, ” Death threats are posted on the Twitter accounts of children as young as ten, and they have not attended school since September.

“It was a lie that had to be told. If I had disclosed who was involved in the Regency, my family would have been killed,” he continued.

Gerard Pen (59), last of The Enclosures, Clontarf, Dublin 3, prevents the homicide from getting Mr Byrne (33) during a confining weigh at the Rule Inn on February fifth, 2016.

“All that is happening is you are attacking me and attacking me,” Dowdall told Mr. Grehan on Friday. “Here five days and this is his fifth day.” He continued, “I’ve explained why I was unable to speak in the police station.”

The lawyer responded, ” I will continue to pose the inquiries regardless of whether you care about responding to them and need to go off on another speech. I have a job to do, and you throwing other things out there won’t stop me from doing it.”

Dowdall’s response: You haven’t even bothered to read my statement, which contains everything. Mr. Grehan promised to investigate that further.

Witness stated that he did not know “a lot of stuff” when counsel told Dowdall that he did not have to tell the garda when he was arrested in 2016 for the murder of Mr. Byrne.

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