Does Fortnite Support LGBTQIA+ Community?

The gaming industry has been blooming since its establishment. Earlier, video games were seen as a hub for “boys.” Because of this belief system, there was also no representation. This eventually led to misconceptions about gender, identity, and how gamers developed caricature-ish characters that belonged to the community. Wrong notions led to misrepresentation, and that’s how the world learned how small things could take an enormous toll on humanity.

In the 21st century, we have all seen a much-needed change. Many games started introducing a healthy representation of the community. Epic Games, one of the leading gaming platforms, also began with inclusive representation. One game on this platform is Fortnite, which is famous for its “Fortnite Dance.” But if Epic Games supports the queer community, does Fortnite follow the same suit?

Let’s find that out.


Does Fortnite Support LGBTQIA+ Community?

Fortnite is one of the most loved games in the gaming industry. Many gamers stream it live on platforms like Twitch and earn millions of dollars just by doing it!

The game keeps a special event between July to August called the Rainbow Royale, as a part of Fortnite: Battle Royale. This seasonal event was introduced in 2021 as a special way to celebrate Pride Month and the community’s individuals and usually lasts for 20 days within these months. It is also a way to honor those who have been fighting for gay and trans’ rights for centuries.

I. About Rainbow Royale

Rainbow Royale is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ Community among Fortnite players that includes themed cosmetics and gameplay adjustments to make people feel more recognized. As mentioned earlier, it takes place during pride month.

II. “Say It Proud”

Fortnite created a Battle Bus music for the Rainbow Royale event in 2022 called Say It Proud. The anthem is played in the lobby and the Battle Bus as long as the event runs. It is a three-minute song with a peppy, rock music vibe to it.

This song gives people hope that there is nothing wrong with being born this way.

Many said that the lines “It is all right to be us!” resonated with them.

There is also a Rainbow Radio, where you will find musicians who belong to the community. You will discover Janelle Monáe, Lil Nas X, Todrick Hall, King Princess, Kim Petras, Lady Gaga, Trixie Mattel, Adore Delano, Conchita Wurst, and other LGBTQIA+ singers from across the globe.

In the last season, Guest radio DJ Matteo Lane was also part of Rainbow Radio and would, in between, add jams to keep the fun going.

 III. Features of the Event

You get cool cosmetics, sprays containing the rainbow, and emote. All these cool things have been introduced in the game since the last season. Here is a list of all the cool features you get in the gaming event:

  •   Prismatic Keepsakes Spray
  •   Every Heart Emote
  •   The Dip Emote
  •   Mazy and the Echoes Loading Screen
  •   Rainbow Royale Loading Screen
  •   Say It Proud Music Track For The Lobby

You also get other features (also called cosmetics) like: Take a ‘bow Emote, Wild Rainbow Wrap, Vibrant Heart Spray, Vibrant Boogie Spray, Vibrant Llama Spray, and Vibrant Star Spray.

The theme also has the rainbow flag

IV. Characters

Fortnite has also introduced its first transgender superhero character skin, Nia Nal, popularly referred to as Dreamer from the DC universe. Dreamer, the first trans superhero in history, has oneiromancy, energy manipulation, astral projection, and dream walking, among many other special abilities. She can easily see and predict the future.

Dreamer’s famous dialogue is – Sharing our truth is what will make us strong!

Why is this question important?

For eons, people of the LGBTQIA+ community have faced the brunt of narrow, conservative mindsets. They have faced violence, murder, and other inhumane things. Some may say, ‘How does it help the community?’ Well, it helps with representation. As we brought it up earlier, representation is vital. Exclusive heteronormative gaming culture can sideline queer people, leading to wrong ideology.

The ages of 12 to 16 are the time when adolescence is at its peak. With new changes come new insecurities. Teens often resort to media that makes them feel comfortable. Fortnite ensures that these pre-teens and teens do not feel left behind and that the game they play recognizes them. They are not alone.

Many individuals are able to resonate with the characters. With correct pronouns and identity, people who are trans, lesbian, gay, non-binary folx, intersex or other people who are able to identify better with specific pronouns, are comfortable and even say that a particular character is just like them.
If other gaming platforms start introducing such characters, we can normalize people belonging to the community.

Epic Games and its LGBTQIA+ support

Epic Games has also developed other games with an inclusive representation of the LGBTQIA+. 

Here is a list of some of the games: 

  • The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which centres on its bisexual protagonist Clementine, prominently features LGBTQIA+ representation. It is an intense game with every decision that must be carefully made. The story unfolds according to your choices.
  •  Boyfriend Dungeon: Boyfriend Dungeon features heterosexual, intersex, and non-binary romance in an accepting, tasteful manner. You have to defeat monsters, go on vacations with your partner and also choose your partner according to your preference. 
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderland: It is another game by Epic Games that portrays an inclusive representation of the community. You go out on a grand journey filled with wonder and powerful weapons and defeat the Dragon Lord after creating your own multiclass hero.
  • Bugsnax: Another game supporting the LGBTQIA+. In this unusual island adventure, capture mysterious living snacks and give them to your friends. You travel with Bugsnax to Snaktooth Island, the famous home of the half-bug, half-snack Bugsnax.


To conclude, Fortnite supports the LGBTQIA+ community. The game and its developers focus on a healthy representation. Epic Games has a variety of games on its platform that support the community and ensure that no one feels left out. 


1. What was the first LGBTQIA+ game?

Caper in the Castro, a detective adventure game written in 1989 during the beginning of the American AIDS crisis when gays were being treated negatively, is one of the earliest games with LGBTQIA+ themes that has come to light. Its author, C.M. Ralph, wrote it to help promote awareness.

2. What is diversity gaming?

Gamers Want More Representation because they are very diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. With the help of billions of gamers who represent as wide a range of cultures as the world itself, gaming has grown to become the largest entertainment industry in the world.

3. Why does Fortnite have a rainbow?

Fortnite is a place that welcomes everyone regardless of who they are, according to Epic Games, who has made that clear. Epic Games shows its solidarity by hosting the Rainbow Royale, with free cosmetics and other special events through the event and beyond, to show how much the company values its LGBTQIA+ fans.

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While Fortnite’s support for the LGBTQIA community is commendable, in the world of programming, the debate between Haskell and OCaml continues.


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