How to do karaoke on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms worldwide, with around 205 million users worldwide. To make its users engage more with music, podcasts, and other programs, Spotify introduced Karaoke mode in June 2022. The availability of songs makes this platform so popular among the masses; from International to regional music and the major genres, you’ll find it all. Apart from having such a vast range of music, Spotify has a straightforward User Interface that makes the app easy to use and play.

How to use Karaoke mode on Spotify

Spotify rolled out Karaoke Mode for users, which allows users to sing along to lyrics and instrumentals by removing the singer’s vocals from the song. At the end of every song on Karaoke Mode, Spotify rates the users’ performance to check how it went.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the Karaoke Mode on Spotify:

1. Sign in

The first step is to sign in to your Spotify account by entering your credentials.

2. Play the song

After signing in to your account, choose the song you want to play on Karaoke mode and expand it to full-screen.

3. Click on the lyrics

To activate the Karaoke mode, click on the lyrics while playing it.

4. Choose the microphone option

As you put the lyrics on full-screen, you will notice a small microphone towards the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking on the microphone activates the Karaoke mode.

5. Enjoy

Once you have turned on the Karaoke mode, it’s time to sing along.

6. Check your performance

Once you finish singing, Spotify will rate your singing from 0-100, based on your performance.

Note: Some smartphones might not have the Spotify Karaoke mode yet. If your device faces a similar issue, update your smartphone from Google PlayStore for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhones.

Music lovers can now host Karaoke nights at their homes with Spotify’s Karaoke mode. It is a great way to spend fun times with family and friends. You are reqmustt your Spotify account to your TV or laptop, connect your phone to a microphone, and VOILA! You are all set for your house party.

Spotify Karaoke Mode

Where can I download Spotify?

Spotify app is available at Google Playstore and Apple Store, and users can download the app for free from these platforms.

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is Spotify’s paid subscription that allows users to stream ad-free and offline music and other benefits. This paid subscription also allows the users to stream music at very high quality, making the song-listening experience great.

There are various Spotify Premium subscriptions to choose from. Check them out:

1. Individual
  • Price: $ 9.99 for a month
  • Includes:
  1. Ad-free music
  2. Play anywhere
  3. Offline music
  4. On-demand playback
2. Duo
  • Price: $ 12.99 for a month
  • Includes:
  1. A duo subscription allows two premium accounts to stream music under one roof.
  2. Ad-free music
  3. Play anywhere
  4. Offline music
  5. On-demand playback
3. Family
  • Price: $ 15.99 for a month
  • Includes: 
  1. The family subscription allows six premium accounts to stream music under one roof.
  2. Block explicit content
  3. Spotify Kids- A separate app for kids with child-friendly content
  4. Ad-free music
  5. Play anywhere
  6. Offline music
  7. On-demand playback
4. Student
  • Price: $ 4.99 for a month
  • Includes:
  1. HULU plan (with ads)
  3. Ad-free music
  4. Play anywhere
  5. On-demand playback
Here are some of the benefits of Spotify Premium:
  • Download music: Spotify premium allows users to download music free of cost and lets them listen to music and podcasts on the go.
  • Ad-free music: No more interruption from ads while listening to music. Enjoy ad-free music with Spotify Premium.
  • Offline playback: Low on data? No worries. Spotify Premium allows users to enjoy music even without the internet.
  • Easy payment: Users can pay for Spotify Premium easiquicklyough various modes like UPI, Debit/Credit card, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there a karaoke feature on Spotify?

Spotify rolled out Karaoke feature on their platform in June 2022 that allows users to sing along to the lyrics of the songs.

  1. Why can’t I do Karaoke on Spotify?

If you can use the Karaoke feature on Spotify, update your app from the Google Play store for android devices or Apple Store for Apple devices.

  1. Which songs have Karaoke on Spotify?

The majority of the popular tracks have Karaoke on Spotify. You can log in to your Spotify account to check the songs.

  1. How do I get Spotify to play my singing?

After you put the song’s lyrics on full-screen, you will notice a microphone option in the upper right corner of the screen, which activates the Karaoke mode on Spotify.


We hope this article helped the articles understand how the Karaoke mode on Spotify works. Karaoke mode is a great way to spend a gala with your friends and family during parties and gatherings.

Stay tuned for more such content!

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