Date of Moon Knight | Disney + cast, plot, trailer

Date of Moon Knight | Disney + cast, plot, trailer

The unlikely Marvel hero Moon Knight is set to receive her TV series via Disney +.

The series revolves around Marc Spector, a former CIA agent whose life was saved by Moon God Khonshu.

After Marc kills his terrorist nemesis Bushman, he becomes a superhero and hires Moon Knight monitor. At least that’s how it goes in comics anyway …

Here is all we know about Moon Knight …

When will Moon Knight be released on Disney +?

No release date has been confirmed yet and as few single series are in production, it may take some time …

Filming of the series is supposed to start filming in Atalanta in November 2020, although the program is not expected to be released until at least 2022.

Who makes the series?

Jeremy Slater, who adapted the superhero drama Umbrella Academy for Netflix, is known to lead the writing team at Moon Knight. In the past, Slater also worked on the reboot of Josh Trank’s fateful Fantastic Four, so I hope he has more luck with this project …

Slater also adapted the manga Death Note for Netflix and created the television show Exorc.

Who is casting?

Casting information has not yet been released, but we know that, contrary to speculation, Daniel Radcliffe is not ready to speak.

As he revealed in an interview with, the Harry Potter star said, “I won’t be bothering to do any franchise in the future, it can be fun. But the rumors of the Moon Knight are not true, I can officially dismiss it, I have never heard of it. “

GWW has announced that Marvel is looking for the ideal Israeli-born Zac Efron to honor the character’s Jewish origin.

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon knight DisneyXD

Well, that’s the question. Marc Spektor has a lot of alter ego that he uses to gather information all over the world without being noticed. He’s the head of Jake Lockley’s cockpit, and comrade like Bruce Wayne and millionaire Steven Grant.

During his appearance in the comics, his identity and his back story have changed. In some iterations, he has superpowers acting as the vessel of the moon god Khonshu. In others, he’s just mortal.

It remains to be seen which direction your writing team will take this series.