Cholula’s New Salsa and Taco Seasoning Adventure

Have you ever heard of Cholula? Chances are, you might have done. While we may not all use their products daily, they’re often an everyday staple for those wanting to cook and get a little more adventurous in the kitchen.

With this thought in mind, it will come with great excitement that the brand is launching iconic new products: a taco seasoning and a salsa, which should be hitting stores relatively soon.

Who is Cholula?

Before we can look at the fundamental properties of these exciting new options, it’s first important to clarify the key products that the brand can provide. Cholula specializes in providing high-quality hot sauces, and these are often quite powerful in terms of flavor and potency. In line with this, if you’ve been looking for a hot option, Cholula might be the place to start.

However, with the announcement of a brand new salsa and taco seasoning adventure, the product range is no doubt expanding – and this can offer a broad range of opportunities in its own right. As such, whether a home cook or a commercial chef, ensuring you’ve considered the new products on offer could really help.

Pushing Seasoning to New Extremes

Up until this point, Cholula has primarily focused on providing bottled sauces to its customers – but this is changing as the brand expands beyond its original focus. Currently, there are three primary seasoning flavors for fans to enjoy. These include the original taco, a medium-heat seasoning; smoky chipotle taco, another medium; and chili garlic taco, a surprisingly milder variety.

Of course, time is still needed to see how these varieties are rated by customers, and there’s no guarantee people will be willing to give the brand a try instead of their regulars. Nevertheless, with so many people trusting the Cholula brand to help add a little extra energy and kick to their own dishes, it’s likely that many people will be eager to shift across. Plus, packets come with a much lesser risk of staining than a bottle of hot sauce!

A New Market

Many people know the Cholula brand, but this new venture will be the team’s first attempt at venturing outside their comfort zone regarding products. Indeed, up until now, the brand has focused on creating glass-bottled products; however, its latest shift has seen the team moving away from the tradition and more toward handy packets for more on-the-go cooking.

As such, it will be interesting to see how the brand’s new product range is received by the market. Of course, the brand is a little late to the market in terms of seasoning mixes, but that’s not to say it can’t make an impact overall – well worth keeping in mind. With multiple new recipes to be added in total, there’s a lot of material to work with!

As a further change, Cholula is also bringing out a unique selection of garments and merchandise alongside Panda Express, taking the company even more drastically away from the norm. No doubt, we will likely see how well these new ventures pay for the company over the next few months.

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