Catching a killer

Spectators were horrified by the actions of the convicted murderer Ben Field during the last channel 4s Catching A Killer series.

With the subtitle A Diary From The Grave, the one-off documentary explored the case of the older teacher Peter Farquhar, whose death initially appeared to be an accident before it turned out to be something much more sinister.

Excerpts from the late Peter’s diary enabled the Thames Valley police to summarize what had happened and follow the cold killer up close.

The audience went to Twitter to tell how tragic the story was. She described them as “emotional”, “heartbreaking” and treated sensitively by the filmmakers.

When I see #CatchingAKiller, I am as angry with Peter’s emotional manipulation as with his murder. I just hope that he died in ignorance, that his heart wasn’t destroyed before his life was over.

– Mark Whittaker ???? ️ ???? ???? (@mawhittaker) January 13, 2020

I knew Peter Farquhar as my first English teacher at MGS. #CatchingAKiller is an extraordinary, heartbreaking and powerful documentary about his murder. Amazing access.

– Dr. Alex Connock (@DrAlexConnock), January 13, 2020

#CatchingAKiller is a remarkable documentary. Detailed, insightful and sensitive to the victims concerned, without a hint of sensation. Excellent work by police officers.

– Fran Bleasdale (@ FJB19), January 13, 2020

Many were shocked at how cruel and distant the murderer Ben Field seemed to be in the documentary, and India Willough broadcaster described him as a “psychopath”.

No anger or shock from Ben Field when he was arrested and brought to the station for double murder. Ask politely for a book because it is bored. Psychopath. #CatchingAKiller

– India Willoughby (@IndiaWilloughby), January 13, 2020

I saw a lot of crime documentaries. But # channel4 #catchingakiller will take a while to shake off. Really terrifying.

– GARY HALL (@ GARY8485), January 13, 2020

The Thames Valley police tweeted live during the broadcast of the documentary to provide additional insight and to answer some of the questions people had about the case.

So it was important to exhume Peter, whom his family and the coroner had agreed to. # CatchingAKiller

– Thames Valley Police (@ThamesVP), January 13, 2020

As there were no initial suspicions, no home office autopsy procedure was carried out. #CatchingAKiller

– Thames Valley Police (@ThamesVP), January 13, 2020

This was a risk, but ultimately we had to make sure we had as much evidence as possible before we arrested Ben, and that included talking to a number of people who knew him personally. # CatchingAKiller

– Thames Valley Police (@ThamesVP), January 13, 2020

The Twitter account also made some lighthearted comments between the informative tweets that came under fire from a Twitter user. The Thames Valley police said they are undermining or not worrying about what happened in the case.

The force worked with families throughout this process.

We cannot undermine or shed light on what happened to Peter and Ann. # CatchingAKiller

– Thames Valley Police (@ThamesVP), January 13, 2020

Catch a Murderer: A diary from the grave is now available on All 4.