Burger King’s Spider-Man Celebrations

Burger King is one of the biggest brands in the international fast food scene, boasting a whopping 1.89 billion in worldwide revenue. What’s more, with a grand total of approximately 12,300 stores, it’s safe to say that the brand has firmly established itself as one of the most loved providers of takeaway meals. However, it’s certainly not done this by simply resting on its laurels and accepting the status quo; instead, the brand is well known for embracing exciting trends and developments.

And, in line with this, it perhaps doesn’t come as a massive surprise that the team has gotten on board with the launch of the new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film to release a fantastic special edition burger: the Spider-Verse Whopper.

What is the Spider-Verse?

Before we can go any further, it’s first worth clarifying what the Spider-Verse is. At its simplest, the term “Spider-Verse” relates to the Marvel universe films (and comics), where multiple Spider-Man characters come together to fight a common enemy across numerous universes. The storyline was first introduced in 2014 with volume 3 of The Amazing Spider-Man.

How Does the Spider-Verse Tie in With Burger King?

The brand new red-bunned burger is an eye-catching design, but this isn’t just a choice on Burger King’s part to make a bold statement; it’s a marketing strategy being rolled out by the team behind the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film.

As a result, Burger King’s beloved hamburger is taking on a very bold new look, matching Spider-man’s oh-so-recognizable color scheme as part of raising awareness. This isn’t the first time the brand has embraced a new look for hamburgers, though. For example, Halloween has featured many different spooky iterations of the regular hamburger, with green, orange, white, and black buns all being seen. However, it’s well worth keeping in mind that these are usually pretty few and far between, so if you want to get in on the superhero craze, a red hamburger isn’t likely to be seen very often.

It’s not just hamburgers sporting this fantastic new look, though. Indeed, Burger King’s sundaes are also an iconic menu item receiving a little superhero magic – well worth watching out for!

Looking Ahead

While the Spider-Verse Whopper is no doubt a fun addition to the regular menu, it’s not here to stay. Indeed, the red-bunned edition might be making a mark, but it’s only a limited edition as part of the Spider Verse’s marketing campaigns. As such, anyone wanting to enjoy this vibrant burger should look at paying a visit to a local store supporting the campaign; the burger’s only lasting until June Thirty-First, so there’s no time to delay.

In terms of release, the red-bunned Spider Verse burger is anticipated to hit participating Burger King stores’ shelves on May Fifteenth. As such, there’s around one week left until the burgers launch in restaurants. And, no matter what your stance on the new design might be, it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled to see how the promotion goes down.

As the Spider-Man celebrations at Burger King thrill fans, let’s switch gears to explore their latest menu innovation – a vegetarian burger made with real vegetables.

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