Building the Ultimate Burger Competition

Burgers are big business – massive, even. Indeed, statistics suggest that burger restaurants alone have been growing at a staggeringly fast rate, with almost 5% growth annually. As such, it’s clear that these seemingly simple dishes have rapidly become one of the most famous savory dishes in the country and worldwide – but not every burger is created equally. With this thought in mind, though, there are several factors that make an indisputably good burger, which may include the following.

What Makes a Great Burger?

Taste is subjective. No matter who you ask, everyone will have a slightly different perception of the ideal recipe. And in line with this, ranking burgers from best to worst is no easy feat, and judges need to keep many critical points in mind to enable this decision. 

However, while this choice will come down to personal preferences in the end, it’s worth noting that there are a handful of key features that all great burgers usually tend to have.  

Of course, the core of any great burger is high-quality meat – with marginally fattier mince often being a great candidate. Adding in the optimal seasoning, toppings, and the right sort of bun will also have a significant influence on the final burger’s quality.

MPO’s Ultimate Burger Competition

We know that making the ultimate burger isn’t an easy feat – but how can this actually be quantified? Well, the folks at Meat and Poultry Ontario seem to think they have this calculation nailed, and their Ultimate Burger competition is now live and accepting entries from processors in the region. 

There are six main categories for the Ultimate Burger Competition. These are poultry, beef, veal, lamb, pork, and others. As such, whether a brand is sticking with a much-loved classic or trying to push the boat out with something new and exciting, every product has a category to fit in comfortably.

One of the critical factors being assessed as part of the new competition is the quality of the patty. Of course, this starts by using the very best ingredients in the burger recipe, and the onus may be on participants to ensure they’re choosing high-end meats. 

Moreover, each burger patty is judged based on texture and taste, too – really giving innovators a chance to shine during the round. Whether that’s one of the big names of the Canadian burger industry or someone else is yet to be seen.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the MPO Ultimate Burger competition will be an incredibly big event that might just transform the fate of a particular burger recipe too. Whether traditional or innovative, the team is looking for the best recipes on the market, hands down – and a win can offer a massive boost for many firms.

Making a Mark on Regular Recipes

Let’s be honest – the ultimate recipe is a title that very few burgers will ever be able to command. However, a handful of burgers offer a whole new world in the way of taste innovations, which are truly incredible overall. 

As such, the rapid growth of premium, high-end burgers has no doubt fuelled a revolution in the field, and burger lovers hence have a lot to look forward to overall.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Colton is an avid writer who enjoys learning while he writes. With years of writing experience, Colton has covered topics varying from business, travel, and tourism to video games. You could find Colton hiking or on a road trip when he is not writing!