Britain is forced to pound for a Big Ben bong because of Boris and Brexit

Britain is ready to leave the European Union within a few weeks of a few false starts.

The Brexit will finally take place on January 31st (although we will believe it when we see it) and it is safe to say that most of us are fed up when we hear of a six-letter B-word. A word of warning: if you are not a fan of alliteration, can I suggest you take your eyes off?

The British Prime Minister – another B-word we’ve heard far too much about – Boris Johnson is chatting about a plan that will allow the British to “play a bang for a Big Ben bong”. That’s a lot of Bs – and yet none of them is Brexit.

In an interview with the BBC on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said: “The bongs cost £ 500,000 … but we’re working out a plan so people can hit a bob for the Big Ben Bong.” So what does this ridiculous phrase mean? The British government is funding half a million pounds to make a huge bell sound within the London landmark, Big Ben.

If you have never heard the phrase “bung a bob”, first of all congratulations. Second, a “bob” is a slang word for a pound. Big Ben is the name of the 13.5 ton bell in the Elizabeth Tower, the legendary bell tower in the Palace of Westminster. A “Big Ben Bong” in non-alliterative normal language is simply the loud noise that the bell makes. Apparently people want this resonance tone to sound when Britain finally pushes itself out of the EU.

The problem is that Big Ben is currently under renovation for £ 29m to fix some fairly serious problems. During the renovation work in 2016, experts warned that if the work was not carried out, there was a high risk that the watch would fail.

Why can’t the government raise the money for this completely meaningless act of symbolism? Given the recent UK Brexit divorce law estimate of around £ 33 billion, they probably can’t justify spending half a million on something useless.

I won’t lie, that doesn’t sound like a good investment. Put your wallets away, people.