Brand New, Licensed Legend of Zelda Merchandise Released

The Legend of Zelda franchise is undeniably massive, and the biggest of these titles was Breath of the Wild – one of the most recent installments in the series that achieved a whopping total of around thirty million sales for the Switch alone.

Now, for fans of the games, there’s some exciting news too: a range of brand new Breath of the Wild merchandise has been made, officially licensed by Nintendo. Thus, it seems safe to say that things are exceptionally exciting for fans, especially considering that the sequel has also just been released: Tears of the Kingdom.

Stepping Back From the New Release Excitement

While the hype developed by Tears of the Kingdom is undoubtedly still very strong, one crucial factor to consider here is that many fans still hold an extreme passion for its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. 

As such, while it’s a surprise to focus on the former game (given the timing of the new announcement), the chance for fans to purchase brand new products is still building a massive amount of excitement overall. The products themselves are available in a range of different designs and include carry cases and uniquely designed controllers.

New Products, Fully Licensed by Nintendo

The brand new addition to the Zelda franchise is undoubtedly occupying the hearts and minds of many in the gaming community. However, as with many games, the merchandise can often be just as exciting as the new announcements. And so, accordingly, it’s perhaps no surprise that the announcement of a new range of products has gone down incredibly well.

The new range from PDP isn’t just drawing attention from the Zelda community for its design and theme, though. In fact, the products are actually fully licensed by Nintendo, meaning that they are official Legend of Zelda merchandise – adding to their value and appeal.

Despite this, though, the new merch still commands a surprisingly affordable price tag, which will undoubtedly add appeal among long-standing Zelda fans.

What About Tears of the Kingdom?

While many fans of the franchise will be happy with the chance to purchase brand new official products, it’s worth asking here: what about Tears of the Kingdom merchandise? Well, unfortunately, fans looking to buy a unique product that supports the new release may have to wait a while since a considerable amount of the available products have already sold out – and even the physical and digital copies of the game sold out very quickly after launch, too!

This just goes to show how hard it can sometimes be to get hold of genuine Zelda merchandise – and as a result, chances are that the new products will be unavailable very shortly after their announcement too. This does mean that individuals who missed out on the original run of Breath of the Wild products still have a chance to add some cool new designs to their collections, though!

Overall, it seems highly likely that the new range of products will go down well – and with so many fans eagerly looking for new ways to support their favorite game, these accessories could become massive hits.

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