Best Smart Scale Deal on Amazon (UK Deal)

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The Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale is available from Amazon for £ 59.99.

Image: Amazon

By Joseph GreenMashable Shopping2020-01-16 12:29:16 UTC

TL; DR: The Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale is available from Amazon for £ 59.99 and saves you 53% of the list price.

If you are going on a fitness trip, you should do everything you can to help yourself. Getting fit is not easy, but there are products that can make it easier.

With intelligent scales, you can improve your well-being and stay in control of your goals. With these smart devices, you can easily track and share your progress by monitoring body data such as visceral fat, fat, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, BMI and weight.

The Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale records all of these important measurements and delivers precise results that are confirmed by medically recognized analysis standards. It provides you with reliable measurements of proven parameters that predict cardiovascular events and can help you influence the future of your heart. It is the perfect fitness companion.

You can now buy the Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale from Amazon for only £ 59.99. This is 53% lower than the list price and will save you more than £ 50. There is no explicit deadline for this deal, but Amazon says it will only be available for a limited time.

Destroy your targets using an intelligent scale.