Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse Comes to Life in Real-World Technicolor Estate

With the highly anticipated live-action film “Barbie” set to premiere in the next few weeks, the famous doll’s fans will be treated to a unique real-world experience of Barbie’s universe. In a brilliant promotional event, Mattel has partnered with Airbnb to create a real-life Barbie DreamHouse in sunny Malibu. The vibrant, multi-story home is a tribute to the doll’s iconic pink style and is sure to draw plenty of attention this summer.

Step Into Ken’s Realm in Barbie’s DreamHouse

The colorful Malibu DreamHouse, once designed to celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary in 2019, has been given a fresh makeover. Its new resident is none other than Barbie’s longtime boyfriend, Ken. According to a story posted by Deadline, the beachfront property now belongs to Ken and is listed for overnight stays on Airbnb as part of a promotional event for the upcoming film.

The DreamHouse: More Than Just a Pink Paradise

  • The Malibu home stands out with its hot pink exterior and a range of amenities designed to reflect the playful energy of the Mattel universe. These include a disco dance floor, an infinity pool featuring floating letters spelling “KEN,” and a fun water slide.
  • Guests can enjoy sprawling ocean views from the property, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Ken’s “picture-plastic paradise.”
  • Inside, the house offers touches of Western flairs, such as cowhide rugs in Ken’s bedroom and cowboy hats pinned to the walls above the bed frame.
  • An outdoor weightlifting area adds a sporty twist, aligning with Ken’s beach-focused persona.
  • Those who secure a stay will also get a peek into Ken’s closet, bursting with vibrant beach outfits.

The DreamHouse will be available for two individual one-night stays for up to two guests each on July 21 and July 22. The overnight stays will be free of charge, allowing fans a chance to immerse themselves fully in the Barbie world. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone who requests a booking will be selected to stay.

Booking the DreamHouse and Other Barbie-Mania Events

For those keen on stepping into the world of Barbie, requests for booking the DreamHouse will begin July 17 at 10 a.m. PT at Guests will be responsible for their own travel to and from Malibu.

Amid the excitement of the DreamHouse experience, the Barbie fervor extends beyond the Airbnb partnership. HGTV is launching a reality renovation competition show, “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge,” hosted by model Ashley Graham. The show, premiering a week before the film, adds another layer of anticipation to the Barbie-centric summer events.

Experience the Kendom and Take Home a Piece of the DreamHouse

The lucky guests who manage to secure a booking will not only enjoy the amenities of the DreamHouse but will also be gifted a set of yellow-and-pink Impala skates and surfboards. These tokens will allow guests to bring home a piece of the unique “Kendom” experience.

In an Airbnb news release, “Ken” expressed his enthusiasm for hosting guests in his one-of-a-kind digs. The promotional event is expected to ramp up excitement for the upcoming movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, which is set to premiere on July 21. The DreamHouse event offers fans an unforgettable, immersive experience in the world of Barbie and Ken, serving as a perfect lead-up to the movie’s launch.

Bringing a Toy-Inspired Home to Life

The Malibu DreamHouse encapsulates the essence of the Barbie universe. The house, standing out in its vibrant hot pink paint, is no less than a toy-inspired home brought to life. Reflecting the charm of the beloved Mattel doll and her longtime boyfriend, Ken, the house promises a “picture-plastic paradise.” As guests immerse themselves in the all-pink world, they’ll experience first-hand the spirit of creativity, fun, and fashion that Barbie and Ken embody.

A New Era for Barbie-Mania

The Malibu DreamHouse event marks a new era for Barbie-Mania, highlighting the enduring popularity of the Barbie brand and its ability to create engaging, immersive experiences for fans of all ages. It’s a testament to the timeless appeal of the Barbie world and its characters, setting the stage for a thrilling summer full of Barbie-themed adventures.

Whether fans are lucky enough to secure a stay in the Malibu DreamHouse or simply enjoy the upcoming live-action Barbie film and HGTV’s “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge,” one thing is clear: the Barbie universe continues to inspire, entertain, and break boundaries in the world of toys, film, and now, real estate.

While Barbie’s dreamhouse enters the real world, in the world of cinema, The Little Mermaid is predicted to enjoy box office success.

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