Athol Daily News - Selectboard talks about pot agreement, snow and ice

Published: 1/16/2020 2/10/43 PM

Changed: 16.01.2020 10:01:54 a.m.

PHILLIPSTON – The issue of host community agreements between the city and Tempest, Inc. and Royalston Farms was briefly touched upon at the selectboard meeting last week. Both companies are represented by Damon Schmidt. Tempest is the name of the marijuana retail company Schmidt plans to open in Phillipston, while Royalston Farms is Schmidt’s growing company. Both businesses would be on the corner of Baldwin Hill Road and Route 2A. Schmidt also has plans for a retail facility in Templeton and a growth facility in Royalston.

Kevin Flynn, Phillipston’s chief administrative officer, told the board that there are disagreements between the city and Schmidt on several issues. These include the city’s request that Tempest contribute $ 6,000 to fund prevention of drug abuse and mental health services to the community, as well as water use restrictions and restrictions on the scope of the operation.

“He didn’t like the donation department he mentioned earlier,” Flynn said, “so he removed it. He submitted an offer to distribute 500 edible marijuana lockers, which he also offered to Templeton. Templeton’s proposal states that he will “distribute 500 lockers to the residents of Templeton and Phillipston”. In his proposal for us it says “residents of Phillipston and Templeton”. So basically he is looking for a double speaker. He will distribute 500 to the two cities and receives credits here and credits there for the same set of 500 boxes. ”

“He took out part of the language – related to the cultivation – about dealing with water consumption. In contrast to Templeton, we have no public water supply, so we had a special language for the management of his water consumption and also his wastewater, since we are in the Unlike Templeton don’t have a sewage system. ”

The city’s design also limits the size of the retail operation to 2,500 square feet and its acreage to 10,000 square feet. Schmidt asks permission to build a 120,000 square foot structure to accommodate both ends of the business.

The board plans a detailed discussion of the two HCAs at its meeting on Wednesday evening.

In another action, the board spoke to the director of public works, Rick Tenney, about the need to spend deficit spending to cover the cost of treating local roads for the rest of the winter. Flynn informed the board that DPW had already spent the $ 50,000 on the city’s snow-and-ice account.

“It’s been an interesting winter so far,” said Tenney dryly. “The storms seem long. When you get a 48 hour storm, you tend to go through a lot of product. It also depends on the time of day. We have to get the traveling drivers to safety.

“We had a couple of glitches,” he continued. “One of them was expensive. For a gear with a grinder, it was $ 1,000 – it’s a year 2002. However, we will do our best to do what we can. ”

A resident wanted to know if it is unusual to spend deficits here in winter.

“It is quite difficult to set a date,” said Tenney. “It depends on the season and how it goes. We had some snow early. But I think we’re pretty much on the right track. It is not clear to many people how many storms we have had. ”

The board finally voted for Tenney to be able to spend the snow and ice account at a loss.

The board also voted to re-appoint Jeffrey Parker as Fire Chief by the end of the fiscal year.