Published: 01/16/2020 03/10/22

Changed: 16.01.2020 10.02.35 a.m.

Thursday, January 9th

7:12 am – Caller reports that their car was broken into last night, Yale Avenue. She is now going to work, but will contact the Athol police when she gets home from work.

7:55 am – Caller reports that a car has passed the van pool on Brookside Road. No license plates, just a bronze pickup.

8:01 AM – The party reporting that someone broke into their vehicle and took $ 30 change, Swanzey Street.

8:15 am – Lockdown exercises at all schools without incident, Main Street.

9:10 am – A group in the lobby asks to speak to a police officer about a violation of the pedestrian crossings on Main Street and Bearsden Road.

10:55 a.m. – A male group in the lobby asks to speak to an officer about his car breaking into Radcliffe Street.

11:36 – Gardner PD asks for an APD attempt to contact a wanted person, Leonard Street. Notify the subject by phone and tell them to contact the Gardner police at the number provided.

12:13 – Parties in the lobby to end the violation, South Main Street.

12:38 – Enter the train station to exit South Main Street.

13:42 – Male party requesting social assistance for his girlfriend, whom he has not heard from in two days, Central Street. Trying to contact female, female called station.

13:43 – Caller who reports that her car has broken into Central Street.

2:07 p.m. – Caller requests to speak to an officer for information about activities near her home, Arthur Avenue.

14:23 – Subject to the station to report a hit and run yesterday, Main Street. Finds someone bumped into their car in high school.

15:18 – Officer dealing with a vehicle complaint, New Athol Road. Vehicle removed without problems.

16:06 – Male group in the lobby after a previous accident on Chestnut Street. No visible damage to the car of the reporting party. Information was exchanged on site. The other party was contacted and admitted to being to blame. A report can be produced if necessary, but the rapporteur only wanted to report if the other has produced a report. He has no intention of going to the insurance company.

16:38 – A male party called and found that it looks like someone was trying to break into their vehicle, Pinedale Avenue. The reporting party also stated that there are footprints from the side of his home. Officer observed tracks in the snow that led to the vehicle. Nothing is missing at the moment.

17:16 – The caller stated that a vehicle that played loud music almost hit her and her daughter while walking, High Knob Road.

5:19 PM – Brookside Road Motorway Stop. Quote for speeding and broken license plate light.

5:57 p.m. – The caller said there is a vehicle that has been parked outside his home since yesterday, Exchange Street. Trying to contact the registered owner, no luck. Parking ticket issued for parking in a no-parking zone.

8:00 pm. – Female party calling to report a previous disturbance at the residence, Fairview Avenue. Officer who brings a woman back to the train station to speak to her. Quarrel between roommates, separated for the night.

20:38 – Report of a motor vehicle accident, Tower Road. The damage appears to be less than $ 1,000. Witness information collected, but no information for another vehicle. Cameras that have already been checked by the manager will be checked again tomorrow.

10:00 in the afternoon. – The caller stated in his house that he was going out with no lights and the back door on Main Street is open. The back door was secured, the front door was unlocked, there was no sign of breakage. Building was checked, no problems.

11:47 p.m. – The party calling, referring to an earlier call to use the service, regarding that his belongings were sold on a social media site after he broke into and entered his Main Street residence. The bank inspector called to speak to an official because the old owner of an apartment has broken into a bank-owned house that he has no access to for enforcement purposes.