Arnold Schwarzenegger Stepping Up as Chief Action Officer for Netflix

Despite starting out as a small brand in 1997, Netflix has never been afraid to try something new; it’s what helped develop the brand into the household name we all know and love. However, one latest announcement has left fans feeling a little surprised at the shock announcement, which tied Arnold Schwarzenneger to the brand as a brand new officer. 

A New Role At Netflix

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s worth stressing: Arnold Schwarzenneger isn’t going to be taking over any of the major officer roles within Netflix. However, the streaming platform has jokingly appointed him a brand new role: the “Chief Action Officer.” 

This new role has been assigned following his involvement in some of the service’s brand-new shows, which are set to be released later this year. 

A Dramatic Entrance

To help drive hype for the new series, the company created a short promotional video, which shows Arnold turning up for work in the most Schwarzenneger-esque way possible… Parking alongside the building in a tank (on top of another car, it must be noted), because what else would really fit his reputation? 

Far from just being a fun gimmick, though, the promotional video does actually give a glimpse into some of the upcoming shows that Arnold’s starred in, among other new content. Also shown off in the promo are some short clips from new shows and new seasons, including The Witcher 3 Season 3, Rebel Moon, and Heart of Stone. 

The core takeaway of the promo is pretty simple: making sure Netflix users can enjoy “the biggest action on Earth.” As such, fans of action movies are likely to be watching the streaming service with great anticipation for news regarding upcoming content over the next few months and years for the platform.

Schwarzenneger’s New Shows

While the Chief Action Officer role might not be serious, he is starring in two new shows, which is welcome news for many fans. The first of these is FUBAR, which has just been launched, an action comedy showing Arnold returning to the screen as a CIA agent who doesn’t realize that one of his close family members also works for the Secret Service.

Secondly, a brand new documentary, Arnold, is also set to land on the 7th of June, which focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life overall. 

It is expected to be a three-part documentary, providing a deeper look into the different aspects of Arnold’s life, mainly his career and childhood. Thus, it should help expand on the previous documentaries, such as Pumping Iron, which focused more on the actor’s bodybuilding days.

Overall, as Arnold puts it: “nobody hits like Netflix,” and there’s no doubt series fans will be watching with great anticipation to see how the new shows perform. In particular, the new documentary featuring him will likely have a significant impact. 

Sadly, though, the role of the Chief Action Officer isn’t likely going to be something that Netflix is implementing as part of its leadership team any time soon. Nevertheless, it’s clearly a strong marketing tactic that perfectly addresses the brand’s target audience.

While Schwarzenegger steps up his game with Netflix, the world of technology is also experiencing monumental shifts, with Nvidia topping the $1 trillion market cap.

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