Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland and the modern family vacationing around the world

Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland and the modern family vacationing around the world

The modern family has all the news. With the show in its final season, in conjunction with Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s newborn babies and the way Fred Willard’s character relates to the show, we just can’t get away with it. So it feels like the perfect time to immerse yourself in the privacy of some of the stars of the show. Most of them are greedy travelers.

Whether showcasing their homes on a tropical island or hitting the slopes of a famous ski resort, cast members such as Sofia Vargara, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter are always on the adventure. They have been found to have the ball in places like Mexico, Hawaii, France, and even the Netherlands. No mistake, here’s Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland and the Modern Family cast around the world.

20 Sofia Vergara Takes Off Amalfi Coast, Italy Like Fish in Really Hot and Crystal clear Water

Daily Mail

You must see the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It’s just one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Modern family star Sofia Vargara certainly believes it. She had been there with her husband Joe Manganiello last July. They did not reveal their exact location but they were not shy about posting luxury photos from their fairytale holidays.

19 Sarah Hyland Burns Her Unbelievable Shape at the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Daily Mail

Sarah Hyland is not afraid to embrace her incredible figure, not unlike the trendy character of the Hailey family. According to eOnline, she did just that during her recent vacation to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. She and her fiancee Wells Adams stayed at the Bungalows Palafitos-Overwater in El Dorado Maroma from Karisma. It sounds complicated, but when you are there, all your worries melt into the relaxing tropical heat.

18 Ariel Winter made some cute European trips to Zaanse Schans, The Netherlands

Daily Mail

According to The Daily Mail, Ariel Winter did some cute Europe traveling in November 2019. She was recently released from her long-standing relationship with Levi Meaden, so some of the girls abroad were on the agenda. She and her friends flew to the Netherlands where they found themselves in the beautiful city of Zaanse Schans.

17 Jesse Tyler Ferguson meets a very old version in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


In November 2019, Jesse Tyler Ferguson took his husband to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. While there he was face to face with a man who looked very much like him … Vincent Van Gogh. He posed next to a portrait of the figurative painter in a museum dedicated to him. Jesse also posted a video on his social media claiming he broke a collapsed bench in the street.

16 Nolan Gould led as a professional in both Vail, Colorado and Mammoth Mountain, California


According to social media, Luke Dunphy is a little skier. It was located in two of the most popular ski resorts in the US. In February 2018, Nolan Gould practiced pizza and fries until Mammoth Mountain Resort. And then, in January 2019, Nolan flew to Vail, Colorado, where he had one of the best skiing days of his life.

15 Ariel Winter Probably looks relentless in her time in Playa del Carmen, Mexico … Even if Levi was there

Daily Mail

Everyone would look back on a fantastic trip to Mexico … even if they were with a former friend and they got sick. According to the Daily Mail, Ariel and his apparently self-styled ex, Levi Meaden, did a bit of a vacay to Playa del Carmen in 2018. Unfortunately, Ariel made a small stomach bug while she was there. Still, the resort town is so nice, we’re sure it doesn’t regret its time there.

14 Adam Davis shows off his spot with his hot girlfriend and Jacques Efron In Hawaii, Hawaii

Just Jared

Adam Devine had a truly memorable role in the Modern Family as the nanny / love-interest for Hailey. She is also one of the most hilarious actresses working today. Oh, and it happens to be torn. According to Just Jared, Adam showed off his beach point alongside his ridiculously warm friend Chloe Bridges in Oahu, Hawaii. He was there in 2015 filming Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with co-star Zac Efron, whom he saw swimming with.

13 Sarah Hyland loses in Cancun, Mexico

Just Jared

Sarah Hyland ran in 2020 traveling to Cancun, Mexico. He was there with fiance Wells Adams and their friends, The Real O’Neals actress Matt Shively and his girlfriend Ashley Newbrough. The couples spent most of their time throwing a football on the beach and running in the hot water like crazy people … So basically they had the best vacation ever!

12 Jesse Tyler Ferguson Rung In 2020 in Puerto Rico with the love of his life


Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his wife Justin Mikita, who has been with him for over 10 years, celebrated the start of 2020 in Puerto Rico. According to his social media, the star of the modern family enjoys the sun at Dorado. The trip was very special for both of them, as it was also their anniversary. What better place to celebrate than the beautiful island of Puerto Rico?

11 Ariel Winter was warm in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Daily Mail

In 2017, Ariel traveled to Bora Bora, a small island in the South Pacific in French Polynesia. According to The Daily Mail, she joined a bunch of her friends, including the trendy family star Nolan Gould. While there, celebrate the New Year by swimming in the crystal clear waters outside the luxurious Four Seasons Bora Bora resort.

10 Sofia Vergara became a complete tourist in Paris, France

Daily Mail

Sofia Vergara looks pretty stylish wherever she goes. But it’s unusual to see that it’s overall touristy. He usually walks as if holding the place. And given the modern salary of the family, this is not so excessive. But according to the Daily Mail, the iconic star loved roaming around the streets of Paris, taking in history and architecture.

9 Nolan Gould was almost a boy party in Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain


Nolan Gold certainly doesn’t look like a party boy but he had a lot of time traveling through Barcelona and Hivizia in July 2018. In his social media, the modern-day family actor complained that the Spanish high school was not preparing him for his trip. But it didn’t take much Spanish to enjoy the warm waters of Ibiza and a jacuzzi overlooking the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

8 Eric Stonestreet visited with some creatures after a round of golf in Yulee, Florida


Eric Stonestreet took to social media to promote White Forest conservation in the summer of 2019. Wildlife reserves and tourist attractions are aimed at rescuing and breeding endangered species that have no chance in the wild. Eric and his partner Lindsay are big supporters of the organization, and Tidbid, a black rhinoceros who had to be overthrown by hand after his family encountered poachers.

7 Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould both love it in Whistler, Canada


Nolan got a page right out of Ariel Winter’s book when he visited Whistler and the neighboring town of Squamish in the summer of 2018. His sister T.V. is a big fan of the resort village outside of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. After all, she spent a lot of time traveling there with her Canadian ex-boyfriend, Levi Meaden. According to their social media, both Nolan and Ariel got to embrace nature in the Olympics city.

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6 Julie Bowen Took Her Kids On A Safari In South Africa … And She Was Chased By A Knight


Julie Bowen ran in 2020 with her children by her side … in South Africa. Specifically, she and her family were at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, which is part of the Kruger National Park on the country’s eastern border. According to her social media, her mother joined her. The culmination of their journey? Well, he was probably billed by a fully growing hippo.

5 Sofia Vargara goes out with her pig in Madrid, Spain

Just Jared

In September 2019, Sofia Vargara took her fully grown and fertile son Manolo in Madrid, Spain for a short time mother / son. According to her social media, the gorgeous brunette took her son to some of the city’s best sights, such as an old castle over a huge gate. Sofia also found a coffee that shared her surname. In short, he did what any tourist would do.

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4 Adam Devine Totally surprised a fan in Charleston, South Carolina


What a mensch! Modern family, Pitch Perfect and astrologer star Adam Devine flew to Charleston to surprise a local fan for his 30th birthday. According to the Post and Courier, Adam worked with Captain Morgan to throw a complete stranger into his life’s party. Of course, the trip was also made to spend some time with his partner, the beautiful Chloe Bridges.

3 Sofia Vargara was a typical Beachgoer in Mykonos

Just Jared

In 2013, Sofia Vargara flew to Mykonos to enjoy the ultimate vacation and relaxation. According to Just Jared, the gorgeous actress was spotted on Psarou beach on the popular island. While there, she tweeted some love for her partner Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who married at the same time.

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2 Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams hug snow on Lake Tahoe, California

Daily Mail

Sarah Hyland must be related to Lake Tahoe, a popular tourist destination on the California and Nevada borders. After all, he was there twice. Both in summer and winter. According to the Daily Mail, the pretty brunette got her fiance Wells Adams there for some fun in the snow recently. The photos he posted showed stunning views of the mountain and lake.

1 Ariel Winter Snuggled her ex at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas


Nolan Gould joined Ariel Winter on his trip to the Bahamas in 2016, but it wasn’t for him. According to the Daily Mail, the paparazzi were completely obsessed with Ariel showing off her bikini body as she wandered into her now-ex-boyfriend, the over-adapted Laurent. The warm couple stayed at the impressive Atlantis Resort, which is perfect for young couples and families of all ages.

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