Are AirPods Harmful To Your Brain?

You must be aware of various articles saying earphones harm our brains. There were many fake stories and reports doing rounds on social media linking the usage of earphones and AirPods with brain cancer. All this created more panic when more than 200 scientists from different countries collectively wrote to World Health Organization warning against the usage of wireless earphones and Apple’s AirPods and stating that prolonged usage of AirPods could increase an individual’s risk of cancer.

If you are wondering if these claims of AirPods being harmful to the brain are true or not, take a look at the article below:

The answer to the question is a simple NO! Although no scientific studies support the myth that using Airpods can cause damage to the brain, we all have heard for a long time that using wireless headphones can be hazardous. This myth comes from the fact that electronic and Bluetooth devices like phones and headphones emit harmful radiation. It is important to understand what these radiations are. Radiations or Electromagnetic fields are energies that are not visible to the naked eye and are produced by electricity. This electricity is the movement of electrons through a wire.

According to National Cancer Institute, An electric field is produced by voltage, the pressure to push the electrons through the wire, much like water being pushed through a pipe. As the voltage increases, the electric field increases in strength. A magnetic field results from the flow of current through wires or electrical devices and increases in strength as the current increases. The strength of a magnetic field decreases rapidly with increasing distance from its source.

Electric fields are produced even when the device is switched off, whereas magnetic fields are produced only when the current is flowing, in short, when the devices are switched on. Power lines continuously produce magnetic fields as the current continuously flows through them. Remember that electric fields can be obstructed by objects, whereas magnetic fields can pass through living things, objects, and other materials.  These electromagnetic fields have been divided into two categories:

1. High-frequency EMFs: High-frequency EMFs include X-rays and gamma rays and can easily damage DNA and cells.


2. Low-frequency EMFs: Low-frequency EMFs include static fields and magnetic fields produced from power lines and appliances, visible light, infrared radiation, radio waves, and microwaves. Since these electromagnetic fields are in the non-ionizing radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum and do not cause DNA or cells, therefore, low-frequency EMFs do not cause cancer.

Since devices like smartphones, WIFI routers, Bluetooth devices, and headphones, including AirPods, emit low-frequency radiations or low-frequency electromagnetic fields, it is highly unlikely for these radiations to be harmful to our brain, damage cells or cause cancer.


Although low-frequency radiation might not cause any harm to the body, it is always advised to stay safe. Follow these tips to protect yourself from these radiations:

1. Prioritize your sleep

Prioritize your sleep during bedtime and protect yourself from radiation by turning off your mobile phones or turning on the device’s airplane mode. Since devices are not being used while sleeping, switching off your WiFi router is wise. If you are worrying about alarms set for the next day, remember that most mobile phones allow alarms to ring even when in airplane mode.

2. Use devices wisely

Make sure to switch off your Wifi router when the internet is not being used. Wireless devices like laptops, printers, and tablets emit Wifi signals. Therefore it is advisable to turn off the Wifi connectivity of these devices. Doing so will ensure reduced electromagnetic fields.

3. Limit your usage

As your daily lives revolve around Wifi, laptops, phones, and headphones, it is important to take a break from continuous usage of these devices. You can start by keeping your phones away while having meals, keeping devices away while sleeping, and spending your leisure time wisely rather than scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix all day.

4. Wire over wireless

With technological advancement, everything, including earphones, routers, printers, and speakers, is going wireless; make sure you choose wired devices over wireless ones. Choosing wired devices will reduce the emission of electromagnetic fields.

5. Maintain distance

Ensure that you keep your devices away from your body; for example, do not let your laptop sit in your lap for a long time or let wireless earphones hang on your neck. It is better to stay at a distance from EMFs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it bad to wear AirPods all day?

Since AirPods emit low-frequency radiation and won’t cause any harm. It is important to use wireless devices safely by not using them for prolonged durations.

2. Can using a cell phone cause cancer?

Although some scientific studies claim cell phone usage causes cancer, it is advised to follow some measures, like keeping a little distance and switching off the devices when not in use, to minimize exposure to EMFs.

4. Do cell phones give off (emit) radiation?

Cell phones do give off radiations, but these are low-frequency radiations, and it is highly unlikely for these radiations to cause damage to DNA and cells or cause cancer. Low frequencies do not cause any harm; therefore, it is essential to use safety measures while using cell phones and other devices.

5. Should people stop using cell phones?

Stopping the usage of cell phones is not the solution. It is essential to use these devices safely. Make sure you turn off your wifi routers, choose wired devices, and maintain some distance while using them.

6. Do AirPods cause cancer?

No, using AirPods won’t cause cancer. Radiations emitted by AirPods are low-frequency radiations that do not cause any harm to the cells, therefore eliminating the risk of cancer.



We hope this article helped our readers distinguish between myth and reality about AirPods causing damage to the brain. Clearly, there is no evidence in scientific studies that link the usage of AirPods and brain cancer. We would request the readers to fact-check such information before forwarding it to others. Stay tuned for more such content!

While considering whether AirPods are harmful, you might also want to make the switch to an eco-friendly beauty routine.


Jonas Muthoni is the Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency; he has contributed to several online publications, including Forbes. He loves to write on topics ranging from leadership and business to technology. Writing has always been his passion, and He has been writing for online publications over the last several years.