Apple Music Teams Up With NBA For Exclusive

Apple has announced its partnership with the National Basketball Association. The deal will specifically focus on Apple Music, the NBA and Apple highlighting emerging independent artists.

As reported for the first time by Bloomberg, Apple and the NBA will work together on the “Base: Line” playlist on Apple Music, which will include 40 songs and will be updated weekly. The tracks in this playlist will have a “hip-hop vibe” and will be used for NBA highlights in the game, on social media, etc.

Eddy Cue of Apple, a renowned basketball fan, was allegedly involved in the deal. Cue told Bloomberg that Apple is “excited about the partnership and that the playlist is designed to support emerging and established independent urban artists.”

Many songs in the playlist will come from the UnitedMasters label:

While the playlist will be maintained by Apple, many of the songs will come from UnitedMasters, a relatively new music label that links around 190,000 independent artists to the public through direct partnerships with brands.

“The supply is bigger than the old conventional labels,” said UnitedMasters founder Steve Stoute in an interview. “Today, artists reach audiences before joining a record company.”

The first “Base: Line” playlist is not yet available, but when it is, you can access it via Apple Music and the NBA app.

Image via SF Chronicle

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