All About the Cups: Starbucks Announcing New Plans for Drink Packaging

All About the Cups Starbucks

When we think of Starbucks, one of the first things that comes to mind is the iconic packaging. Indeed, in many cases, the brand’s cups are one of the most highly recognizable aspects of the overall branding.

Thus, it’s safe to say that these seemingly simple designs can actually have a massive impact on the overall reputation of the brands they represent –  and there’s no doubt that the marketing team behind Starbucks knows this, too.

However, following CEO Laxman Narasimhan’s dedication to taking on a barista shift every month, the future of the Starbucks cup is looking somewhat less certain, with changes being announced for the future already.

All About the Cups: Starbucks Announcing New Plans for Drink Packaging

Making an Impact as CEO

When a new CEO takes power, there’s always a great deal of interest from the company’s stakeholders to see what changes the individual will bring – and whether these will be for better or worse. However, one major limitation many CEOs face is that they often haven’t had the chance to work at the company’s different levels.

In turn, this poses a risk for decisions to be made that don’t account for the entire functioning of the business. However, this seems to have been a challenge that the new CEO, Laxman Narasimhan, embraced, and in line with this, he took the decision to work as a barista once a month. 

However, with less than a month since this announcement and under two months since starting, Narasimhan has already picked up on several potential challenges for Starbucks staff, and he’s already making decisions to help change these.

One of the most apparent decisions that have been announced is the goal to change Starbucks’ iconic cups to something a little different. The main change here is that the number of different cup-and-lid combinations is set to be reduced, with the goal being to help streamline operations overall and make it easier for staff members to provide a high level of support and service.

In addition to this, the change will also see the materials used for the Starbucks cups changed to more sustainable options, helping improve the brand’s environmental approach. This comes alongside their other efforts to increase sustainable goals, such as reusable cups and investing in regenerative agriculture.

One Decision Among Many

While Narashimhan’s decision to make changes to the iconic Starbucks cups is one of the most noticeable changes, this isn’t the only alteration that’s been announced of late. Indeed, the CEO has also made it known that he had several other plans for the brand, information which was disclosed during his first earnings call.

For Starbucks lovers, one of the most exciting announcements here has to be the fact that operations are going to be simplified, which should help ensure that customers get the drinks they want more quickly. An increased focus on food products may also help ensure an excellent range for thirsty guests and those wanting something on the side.

In short: it’s safe to say that numerous changes are coming up with the lineup of products in Starbucks stores. And considering Narasimhan’s core focus on being in the “business of human connection,” it seems possible that his brand leadership will continue to drive customer-centric changes.

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