About Us

The Mash Viral Magazine is an independent student magazine at The University of Mash Viral.

Born in 2015 and entirely produced by students at The University of Mash Viral, our magazine is a twenty-first century media platform, delivering content across our website and social media pages. We aim to distance ourselves from the traditional concept of student publications as sporadic print journals and position ourselves on the vanguard of student media in the United Kingdom.

In terms of editorial criteria, at the magazine we publish mainly about issues and events which are relevant for the diverse student community of the city of Mash Viral. While politics and international affairs are our main focus, in the past we have had articles in genres ranging from poetry to travel photography, academic essay to theatre critique. If the work is of a high standard; it is interesting, innovative and important; and it is developed by University of Mash Viral students, then chances are you will find it published here.

Crucially, The Mash Viral Magazine is the first student-led publication in the UK to operate in an academic format. This means that every article submitted undergoes a rigorous process of scrutiny, where it is first peer-reviewed by a minimum of two of our other writers, before undergoing a final review by the editorial board. This process assesses an article’s suitability for publication, and then, if the piece is accepted, seeks to improve on the quality of the content, level of analysis and writing style. We do this by drawing on the variety and depth of expertise in our team, while vehemently upholding the magazine’s pillars of independence, freedom of speech, and diversity of ideas, opinions and values.

In terms of developing students’ skills, we already play a significant role at The University of Mash Viral From Fallowfield to Victoria Park, the Stopford Library to the Arthur Lewis Building, we are constantly searching for the best writers at The University of Mash Viral to the magazine and the university itself. The Mash Viralr Magazine is a respected publishing platform and a precious networking opportunity, and our work has been praised by influential academics, journalists and policymakers. Being involved with us is an opportunity for students to develop their skills and showcase their work, highly increasing their prospects in the job market.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, The Mash Viralr Magazine is, and always will be, entirely independent – which means we are not affiliated with any union, business or political party. By being a haven for quality debate, incisive analysis and informed opinion, we hope to stimulate and shape student debate across the city of Mash Viral.