5 Trending Tips for Heart Health

Heart health – it’s one of those topics always at the forefront of the discussion when looking at well-being. Of course, the reasoning behind this is pretty simple; after all, our hearts literally keep us alive. Perhaps, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to improve their cardiovascular strength.

With that being said, it’s integral to recognize that not all advice is necessarily legitimate, and many of the latest trends can leave individuals in a worse condition than when they started. In such a scenario, knowing which tips are genuine is crucial, and the following five trending ideas might well be worth keeping in mind.

Genuine Trends Making the Rounds

There are numerous ways to bolster cardiovascular well-being. The following five heart-healthy trends are among the most spoken-about principles as of late.

#1 Start with High-Quality Foods

One of the major factors in creating a heart-healthy lifestyle is diet. In line with this, the American Heart Association has released new guidelines, which are rapidly taking hold as the hottest new trend. In this, the focus emphasizes the need for an all-around high-quality diet, including healthier alternatives (such as whole-grain foods).

#2 Look at BMI Scores

At the minute, heart-healthy trends are generally less focused on weight alone as opposed to BMI – in other words, the measure of body mass index for an individual. In accordance, this trend sees a growing number of us embracing our BMI and finding the range that’s healthiest for us.

#3 Stopping Smoking

Cigarettes and the like are a major source of stress on the heart. Fortunately, new data suggests that around 1/3 fewer people die after quitting smoking compared to those who continue, demonstrating the significance of this change.

#4 Slashing the Salt

We all love a sprinkle of salt in our meals (or perhaps more than a sprinkle). However, this can have detrimental consequences for our hearts. In line with this – and coupled with the general move toward greater health regardless – it’s perhaps no surprise that many are looking at options to cut their salt intakes.

#5 Starting Early

It’s only in recent years that we have begun taking cardiovascular health seriously for younger individuals. However, a growing trend is arising among young people, who are showing a heightened interest in their own hearts than in the past. Heart age tests and the like are helping make this information more accessible to individuals overall.

The Dark Side of Heart Health Trends

Unfortunately, although the majority of health-related trends are made with the best intentions, that’s not to say they’re definitely good options. For the most part, these fads simply don’t work – but there’s also the risk that trends cause more harm than good.

As warned by Harvard, some common misconceptions include:

  • Thinking those with cardiovascular problems always need to take it easy
  • Assuming cholesterol-lowering drugs counteract an unhealthy diet
  • Believing that supplements and vitamins alone can prevent heart disease
  • Failing to stop smoking due to beliefs that it’s “too late to make a difference.”

These are just a handful of the frequently seen poor tips and misconceptions surrounding cardiovascular well-being. Don’t take the risk. Be sure to consult a healthcare professional before integrating any heart health trend into your lifestyle.

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