1967 Year Created First Meme in Human History

The year 1967 was a big year for viral things. The first ever viral video, a simple clip of a man bouncing a rubber ball, was uploaded to YouTube in 1967. The video went viral, and was watched by millions of people.

In 1967, the first ever viral meme was also created. The meme was a picture of a cat with the phrase “I Can Has Cheezburger?” written on it. The picture became popular on the internet, and was shared by millions of people.

The year 1967 was also the year that the first ever viral song was released. The song, “The Laughing Policeman”, was a popular song in the UK, and was played on the radio all over the country.

Overall, 1967 was a big year for viral things, and it set the standard for future viral videos, memes, and songs.

There was a viral thing back in the olden days, before the internet was a thing. It was called a “chain letter.”

Chain letters were basically just pieces of paper that you copied and passed along to your friends, in the hopes that it would somehow make you money or bring you good luck. The letters would usually contain a list of names, and if your name was on the list, you were supposed to pass the letter along to your friends.

Most people never received any money or good luck from chain letters, but that didn’t stop people from sending them around. Chain letters were one of the first forms of online viral content, and they were surprisingly popular back in the day.

Interestingly, chain letters are making a comeback in the age of the internet. There are now many websites and social media platforms that allow users to create and share chain letters online. So if you’re looking for a blast from the past, be sure to check out some of the old chain letters floating around on the internet!

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