Sabadell Offers To Reduce To 1555 The Number Of People Affected By ERE Raised In Entity

The management of Banco Sabadell has offered to reduce to 1,555 the number of exits contemplated in the Employment Regulation File (ERE), although it has refused to apply the voluntary criterion to all those affected, as reported by CCOO in a statement.

Specifically, it would be willing to reduce the last number of planned exits by 50 people , going from 1,605 to 1,555 affected, by excluding the group of 63 years or more and offering them a dismissal outside the ERE.

In addition, it would have put on the table the possibility of increasing “slightly” the number of employees who could take advantage of the voluntary leave of absence, at the same time that it would have transferred its intention to assess an increase in membership bonuses for those under 50 years of age.

However, CCOO points out that the Sabadell management continues “without wanting to assume” that the entire workforce can voluntarily adhere to the agreement and that it has refused to improve the conditions of the group between 50 and 54 years old.

The union believes that the effort “must be greater.” “We want to be optimistic, but the numbers still do not come out so that there is voluntariness. For this, the exclusion of certain groups is not acceptable and conditions must be greatly improved. If we want to reach an agreement by this Friday, the company cannot drive only in first, “he adds.

Thus, he has insisted that the number of people be lowered to 1,300 employees, a figure that “would guarantee the total voluntariness” of the ERE. In addition, it has proposed that a minimum number of outflows be established for 2021 and a maximum number that could be “accrued” during the next two years with the economic conditions agreed in this negotiation.

On the other hand, CCOO has considered that functional mobility is “essential” to facilitate voluntary departures. “Management continues to stagnate in not accepting the voluntary nature of this process. It still insists that the bank’s need is to cut jobs in the first quarter of 2022, so it does not want to hear about periodifying a part of the affected people,” he says the Union.

On the other hand, the union platform that brings together UGT, SIBS Sicam-Aprobas Federation, Alta Sindicato, GBS and Intersindical cadres, has affirmed that the entity has shown an “iron” positioning in aspects that they consider “essential”, while at the same time insisted on voluntariness as “exclusive criterion”.

In addition, it has been reported that CCOO has joined the platform formed by the rest of the legal representation of the workers and that, in this way, it has returned to a scenario of “union unity”.

New strike
It should be remembered that this Friday, October 15, the consultation period on the proposed ERE ends, before which two meetings have been called for tomorrow, October 14, and for the same Friday.

In addition, the unions present at the negotiating table have called a day of strike in the Sabadell staff for the same Friday and demonstrations in Alicante, Almería, Barcelona, ​​Castellón, Ibiza, Las Palmas, Madrid, Murcia and Valencia.

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