INAEM And Defense Will Collaborate In Improving The Employability Of Members

The Governing Council has authorized the signing of a new collaboration agreement between the Aragonese Employment Institute (INAEM) and the Ministry of Defense to jointly develop orientation actions that facilitate the employment of military personnel, as well as disseminate the calls of access to the Armed Forces through the employment offices.

Through this agreement, the INAEM will assign an employment tutor to carry out career guidance activities aimed at military personnel stationed in Aragon who wish to join the labor market at the end of their professional relationship with the Armed Forces.

For its part, the Ministry of Defense will make a financial contribution amounting to 89,109.37 euros, apart from committing to provide potential candidates interested in participating in these information, professional orientation and training for employment actions in order to improve their chances. of incorporation into the labor market.

In addition, it also acquires the commitment to give the necessary space for the performance of the employment tutors, apart from informing about the different calls for admission to their training centers for access to military status.

The agreement will prioritize the attention to personnel with a temporary professional service relationship, including those who are legally unemployed during the two years after their discharge from the Armed Forces.

In 2020, attention was paid to 356 military personnel in their process of job orientation and improvement of employability within the framework of this agreement.

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