20 things people do when they travel to Cuba (the locals don't advise)

Traveling to Cuba may seem like stepping into the past, but it is still one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world.

A visit to this beautiful country gives you the chance to wander through history, taste delicious local dishes and experience the spirit of the locals who find happiness in the simplicity of life (and a good party or two!).

Cuba is a great travel destination, but there are a few things that people always do when they visit the country, which they shouldn’t do. When you travel everywhere, there are usually unspoken rules that visitors must follow. Of course, not every country has the same rules, and travelers do not always know what to expect.

Check out these 20 things you should avoid in Cuba – the locals certainly do not recommend them!

20 Trust in a travel card

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Travel cards make everything easier while traveling. It is so much more convenient not to worry about cash. But according to The Points Guy, Cuba is the kind of destination where you always want to have cash with you. Your travel card may not be accepted in some places.

19 Wasting their money


It is important to have cash in Cuba, but Gap Year points out that it is also important not to waste everything immediately. You may not have access to a cash machine in Cuba for a while and you may have to go for a while without withdrawing new money.

18 Not realizing that Cuba has two currencies

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If you are going to travel to Cuba, it is important to realize that the country has two currencies. Daily Hive explains that there is the Cuba Peso for the locals and the Cuban Convertible Peso for tourists. It is useful to hold this spirit so that you do not get confused!

17 Carrying too much luggage


Carrying too much luggage is never a good idea, but in Cuba it is a particularly bad move. Seasoned travelers reveal that the baggage carousel at Havana International Airport is much less sophisticated than the baggage carousels that you may be used to. It takes a long time to pick up your luggage, so you can travel the best light.

16 Nightlife expected everywhere in Havana


Some tourists go to Cuba in the expectation that there is the nightlife that you would find in Havana all over the country. But those tourists are ultimately disappointed. Apart from Havana, Cuba has a lot to offer, but it does not stand in the way of exciting clubs and places to go out.

15 Don’t tip

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A mistake that you do not want to make in Cuba is to indicate it incorrectly. Many locals rely on tips to get them, so it is up to every tourist to do the right thing and to tell what is expected of him. Always tip housekeepers, guides and others who offer a service.

14 Rely on online cards to help them make ends meet

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Online cards are super useful when you are in a whole new place, but the problem is that they need an internet connection to work. And that is something that you will not always encounter in Cuba. Even if you organize data in advance, it can still be difficult to get started.

13 Don’t tell their bank that they are in Cuba

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It is always a good idea to tell your bank when you leave the country. And that is especially the case when you go to Cuba. Some travel cards or bank cards may not work there, so your bank can inform you.

12 Let Jet Lag stop them from partying


The jet lag can be very annoying when you first arrive in Cuba. But it’s a mistake to keep you from getting the most out of your trip. Do not try to sleep during the day so that you can get to Cuban time as quickly as possible and have fun.

11 Too scared to eat authentic local food

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You may have heard that the local food in Cuba can be overwhelming for stomachs who are not used to it. But the kitchen is so delicious that you shouldn’t be too scared to try something and see how it goes! It makes no sense to travel abroad and only eat fast food.

10 Never leave Havana

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The rest of Cuba may not always offer the kind of party that Havana does, but that doesn’t mean you never have to leave the city. There are so many hidden gems throughout the country that are worth exploring and waiting to be discovered.

9 Forgot to bring a flashlight


Bringing a flashlight (if you don’t have a work light on your phone or if you don’t take your phone with you) is wise in Cuba, according to a Trip Advisor user. There are areas that you visit that are so dimly lit at night that you cannot see where you are going.

8 Trust in everyone who approaches them


In general, the locals you meet in Cuba will be friendly and hospitable. But no place is perfect – there are still people who want to drop you off or worse. That is why you should not trust everyone you approach. Be careful who you trust.

7 Be carefree when traveling alone in Cuba

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Always be extra careful when traveling alone in a country. Cuba is no different. When you are alone, always be sensible, be aware of your environment, and follow common sense to keep yourself out of trouble.

6 Do not investigate before booking tours

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There are many fantastic tours to experience in Cuba. According to Gap Year, it is important to always do your research before you do something, because some tours might be better than others. Make sure you have all the details before you sign up.

5 Take taxis without a permit

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The Points Guy explains that this is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid in Cuba. Although there are many registered taxis, there are also unlicensed taxis that you should avoid to board because they may be more expensive or unsafe. Licensed cabins are yellow and always have a meter.

4 Expect extravagance and luxury

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Cuba has a lot to offer, but if you are looking for the type of vacation where you live as a royalty and are waited on hand and foot in a resort, you may want to change your travel plans. Although Cuba is beautiful, much of it is still underdeveloped. It is not the kind of destination that you would describe as extravagant or luxurious.

3 Think everyone understands English

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Although there will be a number of locals in Cuba who understand English, that does not apply to everyone you meet. That’s why it’s a good idea to always learn a few sentences in Spanish so that you can at least communicate if you meet someone who doesn’t speak English.

2 Forgot to bring their passport and visa

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Always be careful with your passport, visa and other travel documents when you travel. This is especially true in Cuba, where you are asked to produce your documents. Take a theft-free bag with you where you can store these items during the day.

1 Plan their trip around WiFi

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Wi-Fi is now central to our lives, but it is by no means an important part of the life of the average Cuban. That means that WiFi may not always be accessible in Cuba, so you should not trust it. You can still come across it, but don’t count on it.