15 things The staff at All-Inclusive Resorts really appreciate as gifts

15 things The staff at All-Inclusive Resorts really appreciate as gifts

Offering gifts to the staff of your favorite all-inclusive resort is not required. After all, you have prepaid for almost every aspect of your stay already. Still, many travelers want to show staff how great and valued they are (and hopefully they really are!).

In addition to your Thanksgiving, travelers often want to give gifts to the people at the front desk, clean their rooms, serve their food and much more. Obviously, it is even more common if you are a frequent visitor to the property and have grown up to really take care of the staff there.

But what would people who work in all-inclusive resorts really want as gifts? Needs and desires can vary widely depending on the country you are traveling to, but here are fifteen ideas.

15 Money: Tips are always appreciated

Club and Resort Chef

While many travelers have the best of intentions when packing their trunks full of trinkets, most staff only want cold, hard cash. Money is a way of global appreciation and it is the simplest thing you can do for the household staff or the bartender to acknowledge their excellent service. And chances are, no employee will be upset about receiving money (if the resort allows it!).

14 gift cards go a long way wherever you travel

Crocodile Bay Resort

Whatever your destination – exotic or otherwise – the people working at the resort are just people. They live their lives, pay their bills, go out for food and shop. Giving gift cards is about the same as cash, except that you hope to treat your favorite straw or playground in the pool for a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant or shopping mall. Worst case, they can swap the card for cash!

13 Sweets are almost universal


Sweet goodies are another item often appreciated that lovers of all resorts tend to bring with them. This may not be as valuable to your favorite staff member as cash, but a handful of candies (or a fancy gift basket full, your choice!) Is a thoughtful gesture. Especially if you head somewhere far away, storing in chocolates or cookies can be a great option.

12 cold drinks for the end of their shift

Bahamas Cruise Tours

Many contributors to the TripAdvisor forum explained that they went out of their way to buy cold drinks for resort employees working outside. This is one way to go, but you could also invest in tiny spirits to leave as gifts. Of course, this will depend on your location and the availability of such items.

11 Souvenirs from your country is a fun idea

The World Goddess

Many commenters on TripAdvisor forums explain that they often bring souvenirs from their home or state when traveling to all-inclusive resorts. The idea is that you can give someone at the resort a New York Yankees ball cap or a California keychain. Many travelers say that these gifts are welcomed by staff and are a way to share your culture with the way they share theirs.

10 free coffee in its many forms (see you, Starbucks)


Almost every resort has a Starbucks on site or at least close to these days. Well, even some cruise ships have Starbucks. And no matter where you are, we guarantee that the staff will probably appreciate a cup of coffee at the end of the shift (or first thing in the morning). Load the coffee card and get to gifting.

9 flowers for every occasion, but especially for holidays

Palm Kiri Resort

When it comes to a personalized but not very personal gift, flowers are always a thoughtful gesture. Many commentators in online forums explain that especially for ladies on staff, they like to give flowers. This is especially nice around the holidays, but flowers are obviously a welcome offer any time of year.

8 unique food items from your home country

Business Insider

Tons of Canadians have taken to TripAdvisor forums to discuss gift giving in places like the Dominican Republic and Mexico. While the small banners of the Canadian flag were obviously a hit, other travelers said maple syrup or maple caramel was something they always gave and that worked well. Depending on where you are, try to bring home some flavors.

7 positive comments on your comment card (with a description by name)


It costs you nothing, but giving your favorite employee a voice on your comment card can have more benefits than you think. First, it shows the person you valued. But second, many resorts offer their own rewards to staff members, so recognizing your favorite service person increases the chances that they will get these employee benefits.

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6 beauty tools, makeup and toiletries are perfect for any staff


Other commentators on online forums explain that for their female family members, they leave their toiletries with toiletries and beauty products. Whether it’s a collection of high quality beauty products or a full range of Bath & Body Works, you can give whatever you think is right. It’s a nice touch when your suite keeps you comfortable and refreshed throughout your stay.

School supplies are useful in low-income countries

Lembeh Resort

The truth is that the staff at your favorite resort may not make such a large income. Especially if you are in a financially disadvantaged area or country, you may want to give more charitable gifts to your favorite servers and staff. If you know them and know that they have children who may be in need, school supplies could be a useful gift to offer.

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4 hair for hair and other little goodies can be smart

Enclosed passports

In areas where the economy is not so great, new items such as hair clips, sticks, strips and other fun items can be a sweet trinket for your resort staff. Especially for workers with children, smaller items that they cannot find in their local stores are often highly appreciated.

3 movie tickets for a fun day trip away


Many people who work in resorts in all different countries support their families. Offering them tickets or movie passes could be a great gift if it is near a theater. When they are away the next day, they can spend it with their family to do something fun together. If nothing else, they will appreciate the thought (and sell the cash sheets!).

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2 Keeping your room neat (so they have less work)

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Certainly, housekeepers and other resort staff are on the clock. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your hotel room an absolute wreck to clean up. Keeping your dirty chonies off the floor and not leaving trash all over the place can go a long way in the convenience of your beloved employee’s working day. Breaking day care services is also a way to give back!

1 Looks impatient but: A smile and a positive attitude!


Okay, so this is not a natural item you can deliver. But keeping a positive attitude and always pleasing to the staff at your resort may be the best gift you can offer. After crossing over to the resort’s formidable guests or dealing with equipment failures and other everyday issues at work, your understanding and compassion will undoubtedly be an adventure.

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