15 photos of most Over-The-Top Bunker Doomsday in the world

15 photos of most Over-The-Top Bunker Doomsday in the world

The worse things get in the world, the more it seems that mistreatment of homosexuals had the right idea back in the day. Even if this happens, many of them still take things far beyond the imagination of the average person. The richest of them don’t just want to survive the end of the world, they want to do it in style.

Some of the wealthy bunkers who have poured millions into the bunkers are still under construction because of the sheer volume of work that goes into making these architectural achievements. So this list will look at both actual photos and original designs for the most over-the-top doomsday bunkers from around the world.

15 A courtyard in the basement

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The man in charge of this Las Vegas aquarium created a whole world in his own basement. Everything was designed to mimic the exterior. They are likely to make a living subsistence feel less oppressive. However, the constant awareness of a sky hovering just a few feet above your head seems equally stressful.

14 Life in Europe One would be an upgrade for everyone

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The aquarium built into the walls of the room we see above would be an impressive feat even outside a bunker. A full spa and swimming pool complement the resort’s atmosphere. Residents of Europa One will not miss the unique luxury that lives in this bunker.

13 Do not judge a bunker by its entrance

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This is nothing like the above. Just like a bunker should. The villains would be encouraged to continue fighting if they knew the gold mine beneath this hill in Kansas. It’s known as Condo Survival, and its owners promise 5 years of luxury survival at survivalcondo.com.

12 Things Get More Complicated The deeper you go

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The few pictures and drawings that emerged from the interior of the apartment tell us that the architects were not playing when they said luxury. There are libraries waiting to be filled with a bar and spa. Children can continue their education under the ground and in the integrated classroom.

11 This Aboveground Bunker just looks like a luxury home

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There are not many bunkers that the average person would be happy to live full-time with because they usually do not allow any outside access. This bunker in Poland called Safe House addresses this issue with large windows that can be covered in the event of a disaster.

10 The Universal Elevator There

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The most sophisticated tanks are manufactured for sale, but Hard Luke Castle is a unique love affair. Although it was never intended to be a disaster home, the use of wind and solar energy makes it viable, while its isolated location also keeps it safe from most disasters.

9 Each room has its own style

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The 4-floor rooms are carefully designed. The kitchen is decorated with tiles and tables that fit the walls and the floor. Even a hint of this design seems to convey to the living room. There, the center piece is an old tube instrument.

8 Soviet-era leaders had big plans for the Bunker-42

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Due to the historic importance of the aquarium’s passengers, it has become an area for tourists fascinated by the World Wars. The bunker contains everything that would be needed to continue driving the nation from below the earth. Things have changed since the boat now also hosts a restaurant.

7 Vivos xPoint launches an underground city

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This ambitious project consists of 575 bunkers in the prairies of South Dakota, according to Inhabitat. While the space is not as luxurious as some others, the business itself is impressive. Residents of these bunkers benefit from a sense of community despite their dramatic isolation.

6 A corporate tank for an unusual job retreat

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It is known as “The Facility” and has a lab, business center and conference center, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. In addition, it has its own power plant and solar backup system that ensures that it will withstand whatever comes. Ideal for anyone who wants to continue working in revelation.

5 Wait for the end of the world at La Claustra Hotel

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Swiss troops have crossed tunnels in the Alps to create a safe fortress, according to Uniq Hotels. Now no longer needed for military use, it has become a hotel. The most important feature in the area has become the huge restaurant located in one of its large caves.

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4 The Backup Bunker For Everyone’s Backup Plan

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Once everyone comes out of their tanks, safe and sound, to find the surface completely destroyed, they may realize that their diets will not last forever. That is why the Svalbard Global Seed Vault stores what the Crop Trust estimates to be nearly 2,000 unique seeds for the benefit of mankind.

3 Villa Vals is built in the Swiss Hills area

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Villa Vals leaves a concrete entrance for a circular, brick wall that gives it a more welcoming feel. Security is certainly taken into consideration, as the rest of the house is buried beneath a hill. The house, located in Switzerland, is available for rent, according to Villa Vals.

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2 Can’t miss the latest releases during Revelation

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A complete theater room is not the first thing on the list when preparing a survival shelter. It’s obviously not the last thing either because it’s included in the Vivos’ Indiana aquarium. It’s one of the public areas, but each resident also gets their own room, according to Terra Vivos.

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1 Oppidum residents refuse to leave the fine dining room

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Cellars, restaurants, and both consumables when it comes to living in a bunker. That is why the architects of Oppidum in the Czech Republic are careful to leave room for their implementation. It wasn’t too much of a problem, as Forbes said the cauldron is the largest since 2015.

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