15 Myths Everyone Believes (But It’s Really False)

15 Myths Everyone Believes (But It's Really False)

Travelers love to go to many cool places around the world and it seems that one of the places they visit often is Dubai. For those who don’t know, this place sits where they meet in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Perhaps this is one reason why the place seems to be so crowded. One of the things travelers need to know before they go is that this place has hot weather most of the time, according to visitdubai.com.

Another thing to know is the fact that much of what has been said about Dubai in the past can be a myth. Here are some myths about this place that many people still tend to believe.

15 Tap water causes skin problems


There are many places in the world that have questionable tap water, so it’s easy to see why this kind of fame started. But according to davidsbeenhere.com, there is no truth to it. The water of the Dubai fountain is not going to cause any skin problems, which is nice.

14 women are required to be fully covered during their stay


Some places require female travelers to dress in a certain way and some believe that this applies to Dubai as well. However, this is just another popular myth about this place. According to davidsbeenhere.com, coverage is only one way to show respect, but it’s not necessary.

13 Those who need some medicine could go to prison


There is a pretty weird rumor about this place that includes medication. According to davidsbeenhere.com, some people believe that someone could get into some serious trouble if they take certain medications. The truth is, those who take the right steps to get their medicine will probably not have a problem.

12 All the locals are rich


The people who live there usually work hard, which allows them to make a lot of money and this has led some to believe that all the citizens there are rich. According to davidsbeenhere.com, this is not the case. Some of the people there are not working as hard, which means they are not rich.

11 Dubai is basically a desert


There are some people who think Dubai is little more than a desert, which is not true. According to gulfnews.com, there is really a lot more for travelers to see and do while they are there. There are some mountains to see, and there are many fun activities.

10 Everyone must follow the Muslim faith if visiting Dubai


Many people who practice Muslim faith live there, and this has led some people to believe that if they go there, they cannot practice any other type of faith. But according to gulfnews.com, that’s not true. Dubai is a crucible, which means other religions are fine.

9 Some people think Dubai is a country


For some reason, there are people who seem to have the impression that this place is a country. But it turns out that this is another myth. According to elitereaders.com, this place is actually a city, located in the UAE. It’s a very popular city there.

8 Dubai is always clean


Dubai seems to be a very beautiful destination. Most images show that they can be stunning visually. But there is no truth in the myth that it is always clean, according to elitereaders.com. Maybe continuous construction and a large number of tourists is why this is the case.

7 Keeping exotic animals is a common thing


Seeing an exotic pet in Dubai is not a strange thing, which has led some travelers to believe that booking is something locals can do. According to elitereaders.com, those who do it can really face some really serious consequences. But many locals have cats.

6 There is little diversity there


There are some people who mistakenly believe that Dubai’s citizens are not very different and could not be more wrong. According to elitereaders.com, many different people live there. It is known as a melting pot so it makes a lot of sense. Dubai is really very different.

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5 Everyone who lives there drives an expensive car


This is one of those myths that is easily understood. People usually see a lot of extremely expensive cars when they go to this place. But according to khaleejtimes.com, that doesn’t mean everyone drives them, since they can’t afford such cars. Not every local rich.

4 Some people believe that the locals party all the time


There are many places for people to have some fun in Dubai, and this has made many travelers believe that the locals have nothing but partying. But according to khaleejtimes.com, many of them spend weekends relaxing and sleepwalking.

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3 Each local has some gold hidden


Gold is a very common thing you see in Dubai, so it’s easy to see why some people think that every person living there has a hidden clutter. But according to khaleejtimes.com, locals spend their time hiding much less expensive items, such as delicious snacks.

2 Meat is prohibited


Since many of the people living in Dubai are Muslims, many people believe that meat is probably banned there. But people traveling to Dubai may be very surprised to find that there are really many places to get it, according to timeoutdubai.com.

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1 One thing that can be found there will make a person’s hair fall out


There is a myth that water in Dubai has an ingredient that can make a person’s hair fall out if they are consumed. But like the myth about skin problems, their water won’t make one’s hair fall, according to timeoutdubai.com. This is definitely something travelers should be aware of.

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