15 crazy photos by Amber Heard, Angelina Jolie and 13 albums Celebs Shopping in preparation for social exclusion

15 crazy photos by Amber Heard, Angelina Jolie and 13 albums Celebs Shopping in preparation for social exclusion

Chaos! These are supermarkets like today. Especially in the morning when toilet paper is available. While we understand the legal concerns about Coronavirus, everyone should calm F down! We all need supplies and it makes no sense to store it. And there is certainly no need to fill a supermarket at the same time with this kind of defeat the purpose of social distancing. However, well-known stars such as Amber Heard, Norman Reedus, Angelina Jolie and Zendaya have stacked up in various supermarkets to prepare for locks, as healthcare professionals and workers take control of this.

All this is discouraging. We know. Let’s take the edge off and see some stars dressed in protective gear and act like ruthless villains. Without further ado, here are crazy pictures of Angelina Jolie and 13 other celebs shopping to prepare for social distancing.

15 Is Amber happy about the time of the coronation? We are wondering …

Just Jared

Coronavirus’s only silver lining for Amber Heard is that it will be out of the news for a few weeks. According to The Daily Mail, she is currently struggling with a scandal now that a film has come up with some of her claims about Johnny Depp. But that doesn’t matter now. All she does is frenetise storing goods with her father, David, in tow.

14 Kate Hudson took some half-decent precautions

Just Jared

Clearly, Almost Famous Star Kate Hudson is taking precautions while shopping for supplies. She and her partner Danny Fujikawa were spotted wearing gloves and clothes being washed while in a grocery store in the Pacific Palisades a few days before California went into complete isolation. This is something that could happen in most major cities during the peak of this pandemic.

13 Even Demi Lovato’s bodyguards wear gloves

Just Jared

According to Just Jared, singer Demi Lovato had no chance when she went to the grocery store. Not only was she wearing a fairly advanced mask, but she was accompanied by two of her bodyguards. Both of them had to wear disposable gloves just as he did.

12 Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are all for this Sanitizer

Just Jared

Hand sanitizer is a rare commodity these days. However, experts still say that we do not use it as efficiently as we wash your hands with soap and warm water. Still, hand sanitizer comes in handy when you’re out like Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara’s fiance was. The couple refilled the gas as it prepared to be isolated.

11 Madison beer trades in its typically appealing specialty ICU

Celeb Mafia

Singer and social media hottie Madison Beer looked like she was ready to work in a hospital intensive care unit when she and her boyfriend went shopping in Los Angeles. According to Celeb Mafia, the couple stocks groceries, including beer, before being isolated. Anyone who knows how Madison usually wore would be overwhelmed by this picture.

10 Zendaya Goes To The Most Essential Store Ever … Bed, Bath & Beyond

Daily Mail

We have why Euphoria star Zendaya went to Smart & Final to get some food, but why did she go to Bed Bath & Beyond? According to The Daily Mail, these were two of her stops in Los Angeles before being isolated. Maybe it was to store the new mansion or to find some Lysol strips hidden in one of the BB&B corridors.

9 Cara Delevingne prepares to isolate with Ashely Benson and Kaia Gerber … And much more

Just Jared

We’re not sure why Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne are isolated with such a large group of people. According to The Daily Mail, it wasn’t just Kaia Geber and the 13 reasons why star Tommy Dorfman had been with them both at home, but Cole Sprouse was too. Still, the crew prepared for a couple of weeks individually, beating Erewhon.

8 Angelina Jolie gets that last minute coffee while storing for her kids

Just Jared

According to Just Jared, Angelina Jolie supported a local coffee business before storing some natural goods to prepare for the Coronavirus state isolation in California. While things are serious now, Angelina had a smile on her face, encouraging us to see the light in this dark time.

7 Norman Reedus knows how to survive … The guy was in TWD forever

Just Jared

Here is Norman Reedus and his wife, Diane Kruger, stored at Erewhon for the next few days, according to Just Jared. If anyone can move through this trial time is Norman. He has a lot of experience preparing for the revelation thanks to his role in The Walking Dead. Of course, this is not something like this show.

6 Charlize Theron stores for her little ones … almost completely anonymous

Celeb Mafia

If there is any time Charlize Theron doesn’t want to be bothered by fans, she is now. That’s probably why she chose to wear a park while shopping in West Hollywood, according to Celeb Mafia. Charlize has two little ones at home, so she needs to make sure they have everything they need if they are to share with others.

5 If there is one thing Celeb like Eva Longoria needs during isolation, it is dress form

Just Jared

Seriously, WTF? We’re sure there’s a good reason why desperate star housewife Eva Longoria rushed to buy a dress form from Joann Fabric at Sherman Oaks. But the optics are at best a little weird. According to Just Jared, this was one of the many stops he was preparing for the following days.

4 Chantel Jeffries doesn’t forget about Booze … Lots of boots

Just Jared

So, these six giant white boxes … yes … they are full of a flavored, alcoholic, delicious water called White Claw. It is obvious that the social media star and his girlfriend Double Chantel Jeffires have her priorities straight. According to this image by Just Jared, the actual food he bought did not exceed the amount of beverage left in the form.

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3 At least the Coronavirus mask helps Felicity Huffman not be underestimated by those still angry about The College The Ordeal

Celeb Mafia

There is certainly a silver lining to this Coronavirus epidemic for Felicity Huffman. And that’s … nobody cares what he did. That, and can wear a mask to the public without being recognized. According to Celeb Mafia, the desperate star housewife, and criminal college admission scandal, she was spotted shopping for supplies with her daughter ending up serving time for.

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2 Emma Roberts Has Gas … Sorry, had to …

Just Jared

Although it is a sign of a failed economy, at least gas prices are cheap. And the Lord knows you want to have extra gas in the tank for each case. That’s what Emma did the day before the lock in California, according to Just Jared. That and doing some shopping with her boyfriend, Tron star Garrett Hedlund.

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1 Sophia Bush does not want to touch this handle

Celeb Mafia

We do not accuse Sophia Bush of not wanting to touch the shopping cart handbags, even though she wore protective gloves. With all that happening, we all need to take extreme precautions, even if the risk is low. We want to do this to protect the health care system from overwhelming us, to protect those most at risk, and to end this crisis as soon as possible. We can do it! Just remember to be kind and considerate to your neighbors and community.

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