12 most attractive women who have traveled with Nick and Joe Jonas

12 most attractive women who have traveled with Nick and Joe Jonas

Joe and Nick Jonas could have been left alone and played on the pitch forever. Both are hot AF and talented enough to win over a huge fanbase of thirsty fans. But they have chosen to grow, establish and enter into committed relationships. Their wives, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, respectively, are the same. However, they are certainly not the only women Joe and Nick have had time with. In fact, over the years, they have traveled with many beautiful women.

Most of the babies on this list are romantically linked to Joe or Nick. However, one or two may be just too much. Nevertheless, we are thrilled by some of these deep-fried photos. No mistake, here are 12 of the most attractive women traveling with Nick and Joe Jonas.

12 If you want a woman like Sophie Turner, you have to throw her into the Maldives

Daily Mail

Obviously we have to start with Sophie Turner. This baby traveled to many amazing places with her husband, Joe Jonas, including the Maldives. According to the Daily Mail, the couple flew to the remote islands of the Indian Ocean for a luxurious honeymoon. They stayed at Soneva Fushi where they spent a whopping $ 10,702.50 per night in their beachfront villa.

11 Nick Cashed in his single for a Cougar AKA Priyanka Chopra

Just Jared

Despite being very young, Nick Jonas tied the knot with Priyanka Chopra, the Matrix 4 star who is 10 years older. According to Just Jared, the couple loves to hang out in Miami. This is where couples often stumble upon showing their proper bikini body bodies or enjoying yacht life.

10 Remember when Joe was dating Gigi Hadid? Surely he wishes he could forget

Celeb Mafia

There is no offense to Gigi Hadid, but we have the feeling that Joe Jonas wants to forget about his time with him. It has some reputation, after all. But the pretty blonde met Joe and raced together in London, England. According to Just Jared, they even searched with Kendall Jenner and ex Joe Taylor Swift.

9 Olivia Culpo is easily the hottest Nick Jonas dating woman … But the bet was a handful

He got Celeb and Just Jared

According to TMZ, it was Demi Lovato who encouraged Nick Jonas to break things with Olivia Culpo. Maybe it was good advice. After all, it seems to be a tad high maintenance. But she is an absolute goddess. According to Just Jared, the two traveled together on many Hawaiian islands, including Oahu.

8 Blanda Eggenschwiler is a convenience Joe Jonas’ Posted Less Relationship … But the people of Kauai knew all about it

Just Jared

Everyone in Kauai, Hawaii, knew about Joe Jonas’ relationship with illustrator and graphic designer Blanda Eggenschwiler. After all, they were all on top of each other during vacations on the northern island of Kauai. According to Just Jared, they shared these holidays with Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo.

7 Everyone had no idea Who Nick had spent so much time with in Sydney, Australia

Just Jared

For the record, her name is Annalisa Azaredo and she was a biomedical student at the University of Melbourne when she was spotted warming up and weighing in with Nick Jonas in public. According to Just Jared, the couple had been spotted at the Watson’s Bay Hotel as well as hiking around the city of Sydney. It looks like their fall is over.

6 We Can’t Help But Notice Ashley Green Left Joe Out at a Coachella Pool Party

Just Jared

Twilight star and Rogue Ashley Greene was the woman who dropped her purity ring, according to TMZ. The two were together for a while, but things finally fell out. We’re not sure this trip to Indio, California for Coachella helped their relationship. After all, Ashley hangs out with Kellan Lutz, her outrageous compatriot, much more than her real boyfriend.

5 Kate Hudson must have been very happy Cougar when she was pulling Nick Jonas


It’s clear that Nick Jonas has something for older women. In addition to Priyanka Chopra, she was also linked to Kate Hudson, 13 years of age. According to TMZ, the hotties were spotted at a Starbucks ski resort in Mammoth Mountain, California together and then again near their hotel. Given how hot both of us are, we’re not sure which one we’re happier about.

4 Joe and his former girlfriend, Demi Lovato, organized an event in St. Barts

Just Jared

It’s nice when the exes don’t hate each other after the split. According to Just Jared, there is no animosity between Joe Jonas and his former girlfriend, Demi Lovato. The couple even collaborated on an exclusive concert for Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts a few years ago. This is where Joe made a friendship with her then boyfriend Demi Wilmer Valderrama.

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3 Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Just Jared

Australian singer and songwriter Delta Goodrem has been romantically linked to Nick Jonas for 10 months in 2011. According to Just Jared, Nick got the absurdly gorgeous blonde on vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. There they are brought by paparazzi who were eager to take pictures of the incredibly adapted bodies of their beaches.

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2 Joe has very hot wives in JinJoo Lee

Just Jared

Okay, so nothing happened between Joe Jonas and his DNCE colleagues, JinJoo Lee … in all probability. But we have to include her on this list because she is a hottie and both have traveled together on many occasions. According to Just Jared, this photo was taken in Miami when the band headed to a volleyball tournament at the iHeart Pool Party.

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1 Not His Girlfriend, Only His Hairdresser: Nick with Marisa Machado


One wonders if Marisa Matsanto is still around now that Nick Jonas is married. After all, she is a complete baby. There is no evidence that anything happened between Nick and Marissa, but she had to think about it. According to Just Jared, Nick and his hairdresser flew to Florence, Italy, to tour the Uffizi Gallery and various other sites with a group of friends.

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