10 things that no father should consider wearing during a cruise (5 he will be happy he did)

Cruising is a great travel idea, making the family so much fun. The time at sea is breathtaking and the memories made will last a lifetime.

Fathers are particularly enthusiastic about starting this journey with their children. They are happy to experience all the entertainment through the eyes of their children. From swimming to dinner, there is endless fun for everyone. People of all ages love cruising, and if families can afford it, it is a real treat.

When it’s time to pack the bags to prepare for the cruise, dads should pay more attention. Although it is not a fashion show on board, attention to clothing is always appreciated. These ten things that no father should consider wearing on a cruise, and five that he will be happy to do, will be a starting point for father’s marine style.

Let’s start with the 10 items that a father does not have to pack for his cruise …

15 Tropical … Typical

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Almost every guy on board a cruise has packed the shirt with a tropical print. Fathers from all walks of life think this shirt is a cruise use, so they buy a new one for the occasion. It shouts: “Same as everyone else!” There are so many other prints and patterns to choose from, so give the tropical shirt a long-awaited farewell.

14 expensive sunglasses are swept

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Fathers who want to look cool earn a lot of money to show off their sense of fashion. Big mistake if they are not careful. Expensive items can go missing or be stolen. A new pair of shades may look stylish, but when Dad leaves them on his lounge chair, he will never see them again.

13 Hula … Heck No!

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Fathers want to enjoy all aspects of the cruise, even if it means wearing a suit. While the family might take a few nice photos out of it, the kids will be embarrassed. Dad in a hula skirt is a child’s worst nightmare. Maybe when the children are older, they will realize that it is not so bad to be festive.

12 ill-fitting swimwear

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Fathers come in all shapes and sizes, just like bathing suits. This father shows his things at the swimming pool, but his shorts seem to be about to fall. He may be used to his physique, but he may have missed the target when he looked in the mirror. No shame or criticism, but he can do better in a different style.

11 Baywatch body

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This father pretends to be on Baywatch and saves drowning victims while looking perfect. Of course no Baywatch baby looked like this, but this guy is determined to rock that red bathing suit like the compelling TV characters. Every father who wants to try this, must realize that his children will never talk to them again.

10 Frontal fanny pack

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Waist bags are handy and handy, but this father takes the fashion trend to a whole new level. His full frontal version of the hip bag is quite a statement. He can carry all his must-haves over the entire ship without ever having to return to his passenger cabin.

9 Visor … Good for the sun, not much for style

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A sun visor is very useful when the rays are brutal on board the ship. This father protects his face from burns, but the fashionable aspect of the accessory is not entirely attractive. He does not care if he is not chic, but the children may want to pretend that they are not related to each other.

8 Matching outfit with mums

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This young father goes for the ‘twinning’ look with mommy. They don’t look bad, but when they walk around the ship together, the “cute” aspect is overwhelming. Their children will be embarrassed and advise their parents to put on something else. Even a simple T-shirt would be a step in the right direction.

7 The flag … for swimming

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It is admirable to be patriotic, but there is a time and place for everything. Wearing a replica of the American flag on tight swimsuit is not the kind of pride that other passengers want to see. Dads who are completely American can find a better way to work in red, white and blue.

6 onesie … not even in your passenger cabin

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Bodysuits are perfect for babies, but when Dad slides in, it’s a problem. He may feel comfortable in his cotton clothes, but this look is not made for everyone. When the kids see dad with his chest hair bursting out of his onesie, they just want the family to choose the “staycation” route.

And these are the 5 outfits, he will be happy he packed …

5 Casual and comfortable is the key

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Simple comfortable clothing always works on a cruise. It is not necessary to be extra fashionable in the shipping environment. Of course, there are some evenings in which a more sophisticated style is suggested, but usually fathers can keep it quiet. This simple look is perfect for pop.

4 stylish shorts are super

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If Dad has a lot of confidence and wants to look cool, he can put on some funky swimsuit and splash around in the pool. Nobody wants to see Dad in a Speedo, so the looser options are much more family friendly. This father looks like he’s having fun while looking fashionable.

3 Become a Button-Down

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This father keeps it simple in a nice button-down shirt, perfect for the atmosphere and the weather. His wife likes to pose by his side and she is impressed by his choice of clothes. There is nothing too flashy or funny about this shirt, so the kids will be happy with their father’s decision.

2 Lifejacket … You never know

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They may not be super comfortable, but wearing a life jacket is important when the crew suggests doing this. This father is smart and he shows his children that it is a good idea to be safe. In the unfortunate event that this man goes overboard, his proactive approach may well save his life.

1 Sporty and athletic

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This father is sober in his athletic clothing. He doesn’t feel the need to be trendy or cool, but he looks relaxed while he loves life. His children probably dress the same way, so they think Daddy is the best. When it’s time to eat, let’s hope he at least puts on a clean shirt.