10 Things Flight Carriers Have to Say About Working on Spirit Airlines

10 Things Flight Carriers Have to Say About Working on Spirit Airlines

There are many airlines that are known to be great, but there are also some that have a lot of negative reviews. One of the airlines that many travelers love to hate is Spirit Airlines.

In fact, according to phillymag.com, there are some people who think that this airline is actually the worst in the world, which is a very strong point. This airline may look cheap, which is usually why some people choose to use it, but that doesn’t mean they love it.

But some may not know what it’s like to work for Spirit Airlines. Some people seem to love it, while others are not the company’s biggest fans. Here is what some flight attendants have to say.

10 “The spirit doesn’t really care about their employees.”


Spirit Airlines may be popular, but it’s more popular for the wrong reasons. According to Indeed.com, a flight attendant feels as if he or she doesn’t care much about the people who work for them, which never makes for a great working environment. They also don’t like the benefits.

9 “This would be a great job and a great company if management were not so Caddy and played favoritism.”

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There are some employees who believe that their job would not be so bad if managers handled things a little differently. According to indeed.com, a stewardess believes that managers choose the favorites, which should not make their job very enjoyable. Such things are never good.

8 “This is a good paying position with excellent benefits and nice co-workers.”


According to indeed.com, a stewardess is pleased with the benefits that accompany their work, as well as with the people they work with. However, the same person claimed that the aircraft they are required to travel are not very safe and could be dangerous to human health.

7 “This place needs a lot of work on how it heals, develops and promotes people.”


According to indeed.com, there is at least one stewardess who believes that the way Spirit Airlines people promote other employees should change. Obviously, there are some people who get what they want while others are treated very differently, which is not very professional.

6 “Being a carrier was the most wonderful job I’ve ever had.”


Given how many negative news always seems to exist when it comes to Spirit Airlines, it’s a little strange when one has something good to say about the popular airline. According to indeed.com, a former employee was extremely pleased with the company. They like talking to customers.

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5 “Carriers are great, but there is always the feeling that the company does not have your back, which is very unfortunate.”


One thing that is very important for some people is to know that the company they are working with to support them should a problem arise. But according to really.com, some people find Spirit Airlines not interested enough for their employees to be there for them, which is never a good thing.

4 “I love my real job as an air carrier, but the management is horrible and we have been negotiating contracts since before I even started with the company about eight years ago.”


According to indeed.com, a person loves to be a stewardess, but they don’t love to be one for Spirit Airlines. This has a lot to do with the fact that they had some problems with a contract, which shouldn’t have taken so long to fix.

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3 “Working for an airline like Spirit Airlines gives you the opportunity to travel the world.”


While some people do not seem to believe that the benefits of this company are worth what they have to go through to work for them in general, others seem to be completely happy with them. According to really.com, they are excited to be able to travel around the world.

2 “This is no ordinary project!”


According to indeed.com, there is at least one Spirit Airlines steward who feels that their job is not similar to other jobs. They also talked about the fact that stewards are largely responsible for their own work schedules, which can be a very nice touch.

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1 “The spirit must be one of the easiest of all airlines to work for.”


According to indeed.com, there is a flight attendant who believes that working for Spirit Airlines is actually very easy. However, they also talked about the fact that there are some unfortunate parts of the job. The company does not make its employees feel important, which is not good.

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