10 Strange South Pole Truths (You Didn’t Know You Need to Know)

10 Strange South Pole Truths (You Didn't Know You Need to Know)

There are many really interesting places around the world and many of them are places that people can visit. One of these places is the South Pole. While this place may not have many shops to check out or cool man-made statues, there are actually quite a few cool things one can check out there.

But there are some really fun facts about traveling to the South Pole that you need to know before planning to go there. According to traveltips.usatoday.com, this is not the place to go for people looking for luxury. There are not many of them. There are also some other interesting facts about this place in general. Here are some truly incredible facts about the South Pole.

10 Seasons take place at different times there


An interesting fact about the South Pole is that the seasons are different there than in many other parts of the world. According to abcnews.go.com, summer in the South Pole takes place between October and February, and the rest of the year is essentially winter.

9 Finding a tree or a shrub would be almost impossible


People who go there may think it strange when they don’t see bushes or trees there. According to abcnews.go.com, none of these things exist in Antarctica, which means that it would be difficult to meet someone during a trip to the South Pole.

8 This place sees only one sunset per year


The South Pole is an interesting place and there are many events that most people probably do not know. According to listverse.com, those who go there will only see one sunset each year. As this is the case, the same thing happens when the sun rises there.

7 Sleep can be quite difficult for people who go there


Something everyone should know about the South Pole is that sleep can be an issue. According to listverse.com, anyone who goes there will be more likely to live nights sleepier than normal, and that actually has a lot to do with the altitude of this place.

6 Visitors can see the south lights


There are many wonderful things to see while on the South Pole, but one thing stands out is the Aurora Australis, also known as Southern Lights, according to mentalfloss.com. This is actually much like the northern lights.

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5 guests can run a 5k while they are there


When one thinks of going to the South Pole for the first time, they probably don’t imagine running 5K there. However, this is an activity happening there, according to listverse.com. Technically, this allows visitors to claim they ran around the world.

4 There is a waterfall that looks quite interesting


People who have a sensitive stomach when they see certain things may want to be careful when they go to the South Pole. In Antarctica, there is a waterfall that is red, so it looks weird. But the water looks like it is high in salt, according to theclever.com.

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3 The only animals living on earth There are penguins


According to theclever.com, finding any animal other than a penguin ashore in the South Pole is not possible. This is because they are the only animals that can live on this earth. What is even more interesting is that no penguins will be found in the North Pole.

2 people can’t live there permanently


While visiting the South Pole is possible, staying there permanently is a completely different story. According to theclever.com, Antarctica doesn’t really belong to anyone, so it’s impossible for people to live there permanently. But there are a lot of people who visit every year, which is cool.

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1 It is actually considered a desert


What may come as a surprise to many people is the fact that this place is considered a desert. According to theclever.com, only a small number of deserts in the world have a lot of sand, with the rest having ice.

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