10 hijackers reveal what it’s like to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

10 hijackers reveal what it's like to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

There have been numerous global pandemics over the years, but it seems that many of those that have happened recently have not had the kind of effect that the coronavirus has had. This disease has affected people in many ways and many companies have been affected by it as well.

Recently, many people have decided not to travel so as not to catch crowns or spread it to anyone else. This has caused the airline industry to change quite a bit. As a result, some employees worry about losing their jobs, according to businessinsider.com, and that’s for good reason.

Their jobs have changed drastically. Here’s what a flight attendant is like in the aftermath of this illness.

10 Some flight attendants take a short time


Receiving some unexpected news about a person’s job can be overwhelming or frightening and it seems that many employees have been informed that they need to take some time. According to reddit.com, some of them were only called to last a few months.

9 Coronavirus causes many of them to panic


Obviously, some flight attendants have not yet been asked to devote some time to their work. But they suspect it may happen. According to reddit.com, those who continue to work these days also experience panic attacks, which is never fun.

8 Some of the passengers they have to deal with are getting defensive


Most of the time, coughing or something like that won’t be considered great, but that’s not the case now. According to slate.com, there are some passengers who feel like they have to explain to their stewards if they have cold symptoms.

7 They do not work as many flights as they normally do, as no one travels


While some stewards are asked to leave shortly, others have dramatically reduced their hours. According to reddit.com, some of them will not work nearly as well as they normally would, making it difficult for them to make ends meet, which is unfortunate.

6 Some of them will not be able to return to work for a whole year


Some people feel like it is a big deal to be asked to take a few months off or to cut their hours by half. On the other hand, however, some stewards are asked not to return to work for a whole year.

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5 There are carriers that are much more cautious about staying clean than others


One would think that it would be a time when everyone is doing their best to stay clean and not get sick or to spread the disease to others, but not everyone does, unfortunately. According to reddit.com, some flight attendants do not wash their hands as often as others.

4 Some are quarantine


There are many people who deal with relationships with others who may have coronary heart disease, and some of them are stewards. According to reddit.com, at least one of them is currently in quarantine because they suspect they might have caught it at work, which is terrible.

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3 hijackers are around a lot of people, so they are afraid to make their favorite patients


It’s no secret that flight attendants spend their time around many other people. They also get close enough to the passengers on board the airplanes and touch the things they serve, making it easy to get germs. According to reddit.com, they are afraid of doing something else ill.

2 New flight participants consider that they expect to participate in the training


Some newly hired new employees are considering waiting for their training, if possible, according to reddit.com. Since the airline is suffering so much now, this is probably a very good decision. Also, one cannot be too careful at this time.

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1 They do not handle many things as they are used


Before it started, flight attendants packed a lot of things for passengers on their flights. But according to slate.com, even that has changed. There are some things that are no longer assigned, including pillows and rugs. But they make a snack.

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