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Tragic Loss at Campbellsville University

The peaceful atmosphere of Campbellsville University in Kentucky was shattered during the

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

President Biden’s Strong Words and Global Politics

At fundraising gatherings in San Francisco, President Joe Biden plainly called Russian

Cam Speck Cam Speck

Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Shooting

A terrible shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade has

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

How Trump’s Words on NATO Stir Up Trouble

Donald Trump, the ex-President of the U.S., caused a stir with his

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

Nikki Haley and the ‘None of These Candidates’ Effect

In a twist, during Nevada's Republican presidential primary, the former governor of

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

Destruction in Gaza Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Guardian, the BBC, and Reuters, and others in the press, did

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

US Department of Agriculture Approves Sale of Cultured Meat in Historic Ruling

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has greenlit the sale of cell-cultured

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

Canadian Meat to Guatemala in New Trade Deal

When it comes to the food and agricultural industries, trade deals between

Colton Cowie Colton Cowie

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Unconventional Living: Greek Family’s “Amish” Lifestyle Under Scrutiny

A Greek family has caught the nation's eye by choosing to live like early Christians, similar to America's Amish. The police uncovered this when they found them in a basic shack with

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett