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Trump’s Speech at NRA, Promises to Counteract Biden’s Gun Control Rules

In a vital appearance at the annual meeting of the National Rifle

Annelise Sylta Annelise Sylta

Tragic Incident at Brooklyn Port: Endangered Sei Whale Found Dead on Cruise Ship

An alarming event took place at Brooklyn's cruise port when the MSC

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Trump’s Veepstakes Intensifies as 2024 Election Nears

The 2024 presidential election is coming up, and former President Donald Trump

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

Victim of Key Bridge Collapse Identified

Authorities have confirmed the recovery and identification of a fifth victim from

Annelise Sylta Annelise Sylta

Historic Shift in U.S. Drug Policy, Marijuana Reclass

The U.S. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is set to reclassify marijuana

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Severe Tornado Outbreak Strikes the Midwest

This past weekend, a series of severe storms swept through parts of

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Oceanside Pier Suffers Devastating Fire

OCEANSIDE, Calif. A severe fire erupted at the renowned Oceanside Pier on

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

BreakIn at LA Mayor’s Home

Posted on April 22, 2024 In the wee hours, there was a

Cam Speck Cam Speck

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Saudi Arabia Organizes Landmark Swimwear Fashion Show

Saudi Arabia recently held its debut swimwear fashion event during Red Sea Fashion Week. Designer Yasmina Qanzal from Morocco showcased stylish one piece swimsuits in vibrant colours at the St. Regis Red

Ashley Waithira Ashley Waithira