Former FBI attorney Lisa Page: 4 facts you should know

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page: 4 facts you should know

The former FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, is "quiet."

Page tweeted that statement Sunday night just a few hours before a new interview with The Daily Beast appeared online. Page criticized President Donald Trump in the interview and called his attack on her "disgusting." She said she has struggled to keep her life in order while working with him as president.

"I had been silent for years waiting for it to fade, but instead it got worse," Page told The Daily Beast. “It had been very difficult not to defend myself, to let the people who hate me control the narrative. I decided to regain my power. "


His interview occurs about a week before the publication of a Justice Department report on how the FBI conducted its investigation into Trump.

So who is Lisa Page and why is it important? Here is a quick summary.

  • Lisa Page and then former FBI agent Peter Strzok sent text messages between them hitting President Trump. The two had been having an affair at that time, according to The Washington Post.
  • Page and Strzok were involved in Hillary Clinton's email investigations and Russia's investigation. They said that text messages and personal relationships did not influence their research.
  • Page left the FBI in May 2018 after those text messages came to light. Trump has attacked her on Twitter since then.
  • Page spoke behind closed doors with lawmakers in 2018. He was famous for being a strong witness, according to CNN.


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